Vitamins and Minerals By: john Sorenson

Water Soluble- Dissolves in water and is carried through out the body.
Vitamin B- Helps body make new cells, and comes from leafy vegetables including spinach and kale. Deficiency include Spina Bifida.
Vitamin C- Protects the body against infection. Food sources include Strawberries and Citrus fruits, broccoli and tomatoes. Deficiency is scurvy.
Fat Soluble- Vitamins that can be absorbed in the lymph and stored in liver and fat for later use.
Vitamin K- Helps the blood clot normally. It comes from dark green leafy vegetables including spinach and kale. Deficiency causes easy bleeding and bruising.
Vitamin A- Promotes good vision, hair, and skin. It comes from food such as carrots and spinach, and red orange and dark green vegetables. Deficiency causes night blindness.
Vitamin D- Builds and maintains bones. Food sources include milk and dairy products, and sunlight. Deficiency in Vitamin D can cause rickets.
Vitamin E- Protects the membranes of white and red blood cells. Comes from vegetable oil, and fruits and vegetables. Not enough Vitamin E can result in poor nerve connection and neurological problems.
Calcium- Builds the muscles and bones, much like vitamin D. Comes from Dairy products including milk and cheese. Deficiency include osteoporosis.
Iron- Used by the body to create red blood cells and muscle. Comes from animal products such and steak and chicken, along with dark green leafy vegetables like spinach. Not enough iron results in Anemia.
Sodium and Potassium- Maintains the fluid balance in the body. Includes fruits and vegetables, and salt. Not enough can cause muscle cramps and an irregular heart beat.
Created By
John Sorenson


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