Hank Aaron:The Home Run Hitter By Damian perez

Hank Aaron Was born on February 5th, 1934 in Mobile, Alabama the day Babe Ruth was a day short of his home run record. Ever since Hank was little he wanted to be a Baseball player. He made Jackie Robinson, the first african american to play Baseball, his idol. Then in Mobile were no baseball Programs for kids like Aaron to play. He got hooked to game similar to baseball, Ball, stick, and glove. To practice hitting, Hank would hit bottle caps with a stick. To practice catching pop flies, He would throw a homemade ball his father made for him on the roof of their house and run and catch the ball as it rolls down. When Hank's family had a new member of the family they moved to Toulminville. Hank's dad, Herbert Aaron, bought two big lots to build their new home. Every time they a little money left, The Aaron family would patch up their house.

Hank thought Toulminville was a great place to play ball because of big open spaces. Hank and his friends would play together in a small lot.

When Hank got older he joined a fast pitch softball team known as the Braves. He usually played catcher or pitched. Hank as well hit a few home runs. Even though softball was big in his community he still really wanted to play baseball. Hank's mother thought other wise. She wanted hank to play football instead because sometimes football players get scholarships . Hank listened to his mother but later quite football in just three days. He knew that baseball doesn't get scholarships but he knew he wanted to pursue baseball. Hank sometimes skipped school to listen to Dodger games. He once said " School couldn't teach me how to play second base like Jackie Robinson."

Hank soon got noticed by Mr.Downs. Mr.Downs was the team manager for The Clowns. He knew that his mother would not let him play but Mr.Downs was persistent and soon got Hank's mother to let him play. Then Hank was only 17 years old. later Hank was on a train with two other pants, a sandwich, and two dollars. When he arrived he did not fell welcome as the others were rough on him. Most rookies get pick on a lot but with was different. It is rare to not see Hank as a butt of a joke. He ignored the insults and keep on making home runs.

Hank with wife Barbra Aaron and son.

When Hank was a tough break after a summer he later discovers that Bobby Thomson broke his ankle. Hank went to the manager an started the next day that was when Hank's Major-league career started. Soon he was on the same team as Jackie Robinson. He learned a lot about being a minority of a professional league along with other things.

Hank is retired and he retired in 1976 with the Milwaukee Braves. He has made inspirational speeches about to never give up on what your passionate about. Delta Airlines has even made a plane named after him and has a picture of him when was in the major leagues. All in all Hank Aaron was one of the most successful Baseball players of all time.

Bio poem:


Persistent, passionate,and willing.

Player of the milwaukee Braves, Son of Estella and Herbert Aaron

Who loved baseball and was a civil rights activist.

He experienced love, hatred, and admiration.

He feared racism, discrimination,and being left out.

He was the successor of Babe Ruth, given the golden glove award.

He wanted to see more blacks in baseball.

Born in Mobile, Alabama.



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