The gold of lies reem kayser

What the story telling about?

The story "The gold of lies" telling about someone that come to a hotel and want to buy a room,bur he can't pay.he has only gold and the other people don't know what is it. so at the end he didn't buy a room, while all of that happened the thief steel his shoes (I think) and after the men couldn't find his shoes he asked the thief if he steel it and he said yes. the who tried to pay with gold told him why he is telling the truth? and he said because he do not know how to lie, then the men told him that he can teach him how to lie. then the thief steel the gold and the men did not know who steel it and he asked the thief did you took my gold? and he said no I did not. then another person took the gold and he lied also and another one until the king knew about that and he wanted that gold but they gave to him the wrong gold, they cheat on him and they was confused they asked the men what he think about the king and he said good things but they thought he saying bad things.

What the story really telling about?

One guy trying to teach people how to lie but they did not understand very well how to lie. The people do not know how to understand the men and don't believe what he is taking about (they thought he is crazy). They used the wrong way to lie and that caused a lot of troubles, like an example: misunderstanding, fights, and in the end also deaths.

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