A Digital Portfolio of Yesenia P.T By:Yesenia Plascencia Trejo


Welcome to my digital art portfolio. I am a student at Manor New Tech High School who attends Graphic Design and Illustration classes there and art classes at Creative Action on the side. I feel that my art is generally more on the realism side of the spectrum. I enjoy drawing on paper more than doing so digitally and have been told my style is very close to macabre realism, though I do enjoy simpler things sometimes. In my opinion I think this shows I pay attention to detail well, which in turn makes me happy with the final piece.

My Resume

Monochrome Self Portrait

I chose this because I think it's a cool version of me. Like a super hero since I don't look normal but I also look human at the same time. I wanted to have fun with the colors but also look normal in some way. This was also a first time project that I enjoyed. Though messing with the layers was confusing and time consuming I think it really helped get a better understanding and appreciation for layers.

Text Portrait

I choose this piece because i felt like it really shows my versatility when working with different mediums. I am able to test out new mediums and not give up until they are good. This was a very similar process as the previous one but more difficult.

Made up Logo

I created this when i was getting practice in logo making. It was for an imaginary company. I think this shows my creativity in being able to form something else from snow flakes. I think this skill would be useful in creating a logo because this could be used as a company logo.

Logo for Colibri Farms

This is another example of my logo making skills. The difference with this one was that it was for an actual company. Though it didn't get chosen many people seemed to like it.

Family Crest

I think this represents me very well because not only is it my modernized family crest but it shows my attention to detail. I think the amount of detail I put was good for it being a logo. For example the boars white lines that separate its features.

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