Wanderlust. A strong desire to travel

I think there is an element of it deep within us all. We all have an underlying desire to experience something more. To delve ourselves into culture that is so unknown and experience what another country has to offer. Some of us leave and never come back, others travel often to be refreshed and reminded about the good things in life. Me? I am yet to not return but I fell like it may be something my future holds. Here are 3 places I am heading to in 2017 and why.


Burning Man

You can be opinionated if you like but this is something I've wanted to do for years and here are my top 5 reasons why :

  1. Art Installations - you will see the best art installations you may ever lay your eyes on outside of a gallery - or even in. The love, passion and drama that unfolds in the artworks displayed is inexplainable.
  2. Dust Storms - I'm not insane. I just thrive on experiencing the worlds wonders at least once and Burning Man is bound to have some of the greatest dust storms of all.
  3. Community Vibes - don't be taking no cash, you will barely use it. The only thing you can purchase is Ice to keep your beverages cool. Everything else is free. There is free food, alcohol, love and more. People unite and offer services for services. This is love, be prepared.
  4. TED talks - not your usual setting but they are there, on offer and free of course.
  5. The burn - The ‘Man’ means different things to each burner, but the general consensus is that he represents ‘the man’, corporate corruption, dirty politics and everything that is holding our world back.


It's been another country that is high on my list (along with most of them of course). What intrigues me the most is the desert, food, colours and craftsmanship. I want to engulf myself with culture that is waiting for me to learn about. Surround myself in creativity and a history influenced by The Roman Empire, Spanish and French. There a festivals, treks and countless activities to keep one occupied. Many of which I will be apart of Soon!


You think Bondi is overcrowded ? You just wait ! I can't wait to spend more time in the sun than I do in bed. To explore cities that have more cultural diversity than I would ever know and to see one of the worlds greatest ancient sites - Segovia.

If you're lucky, I may just come back for some real life antics.

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