New Legerity by ryker harrell

Our mission: Encourage creative minds and purse the dreams of our people! we want to have more children thinking of what they could do and create at a younger age and have them work on it when they are adults.

Our Motto: Live Escalated, See differently, Dream Big this is our motto because we want to encourage creative minds and to think outside the box. We want to have the minds of our people to expand so we can help them create new inventions and items of the future. there is a theory that there is most likely a kid somewhere in the world who has the cure for cancer and yet cant afford to go to school we are trying to give everyone a chance to go to school

our membership policy and community rules: if your a immigrant or traveling from somewhere and coming here to get a new fresh start! we would have a thorough back ground check and let them in if they have not committed any serious felonies

our state laws: all schools will start between 9-10 and end around 3-4 there will be no speed limit on the freeway. drivers ed will start when fourteen and a half license will be earned at 16. there will be more police doing routes at night in neighborhoods to prevent robberies and other crimes the city will have cameras around every town to see if any crimes have happened while there is no one in the area


Created with images by PIRO4D - "virtual city utopia architecture" • markusspiske - "office home office creative" • JAKO5D - "planet discovery fantasy world" • currens - "city float floating city"

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