Poem Analyzation: Ask Yourself by Hannah Hedges

Ask Yourself

© Rhiannon Alexander-Sampson

Published on March 2014

Is the blast of a gun or the blood of the dove, the problem?

Why is it that the sea tastes like tears?

Do the rivers carry the sorrows of Earth to its heart?

Is a lion still a lion if it lives in a cage?

Or is your home really where your heart is?

If we could truly gaze upon each other, would we see beauty, or nothing at all?

And who decides if Picasso's paintings are more expensive than his pain?

Why do we get so worked over political campaigns?

When we are the only ones stopping ourselves from getting what we think is right?

We all may think we are enclosed in boxes, packed and contained...

But you are restrained only by the walls in the box you build yourself.

Source: http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/ask-yourself

This poem struck me as an important poem because it really makes you think.

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