Headstone Installation Ceremony US Congressman GeoRge henry white's gravesite

One of America's most distinguished early civil rights leaders, Congressman George Henry White (Republican, North Carolina), was honored with the dedication of a headstone for his gravesite at historic Eden Cemetery in Collingdale, Pennsylvania, on October 29, 2015. Previously, only a footstone marked his gravesite which included White's name and those of his son and daughter, who are buried beside their father. Funds for the new headstone were raised by the Benjamin and Edith Spaulding Decendants Foundation (BESDF), Inc., and the Concerned Citizens of Whitesboro (CCW), Inc. of Whitesboro New Jersey.

Lt. Joseph Becton and Private Albert Ely representing the Third Regiment Infrantry, United Stated Colored Troops, Philadelphia, PA

Vincent Spaulding, Master of Ceremonies

Vincent Spaulding, BESDF, Inc., COO and Coordinator of the George Henry White Project
Unveiling of headstone by Bernard Blanks and Dr. Milton Campbell

E. Paul Sandidge

E. Paul Sandidge, presenter in behalf of Historic Eden Cemetery and Owner, Sandidge & CO Real Estate

State Senator, Anthony Williams

Pennsylvania State Senator, Anthony Williams, for the 8th District and Democratic Whip. The 8th District includes the historic Eden Cemetery

Benjamin Justesen, PhD.

Benjamin Justesen, PhD. is a well known historian and author who published two books on the life of U.S. Congressman George Henry White

Bernard Blanks

Bernard Blanks, President of the Concerned Citizens of Whitesboro, (CCW), Inc. spoke about Whitesboro, NJ, a town started by US Congressman George Henry White and the activities of CCW, Inc.

Milton Campbell, PhD.

Milton Campbell, PhD., President of the Benjamin and Edith Spaulding Descendants Foundation (BESDA), Inc. spoke about North Carolina activities to promote public knowledge about US Congressman George Henry White

Lt. Joseph Becton

Lt. Joseph Becton, representing the Third Regiment Infrantry, United States Colored Troops, Philadelphia, PA.

Antoinette Burwell, Atty.

Antoinette Burwell, Atty., President of the George Henry White Bar Association of Durham, North Carolina

Romeo Spaulding

Former President, International Association of Black Professional Firefighters

Rev. Gregory M. Davis

Closing prayer by Rev. Gregory M.Davis, Minister to Youth, Foundation Baptist Church, Summit, NJ
Vincent Spaulding and Bernard Blanks, partners in taking action to obtain a headstone for George Henry White
Antoinette Burwell, Atty. and Vincent Spaulding
Margaret Justesen
Euell Aira Nielsen, Church Archivist/Historian
George "Duke" Spaulding, Mason
Olivia Lennon
Vincent Spaulding and Milton Campbell, PhD.
Kate Tsubata, LightSmith Productions, Lt. Joseph Becton and Vincent Spaulding
Joseph Burwell, 33rd Degree Mason from Durham, NC
Vincent Spaulding and Benjamin Justesen, PhD.
George "Duke" Spaulding, Vincent Spaulding and Romeo Spaulding
Marti Spaulding, Daughter of Vincent Spaulding
Sarah Tsubata and Euell Aira Nielson
Mia Smith, LightSmith Productions, Event Video Producer
Sarah Tsubata, LightSmith Productions, video taping the event

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