Whether or not HUNTING should be legal -By Cole Clapp-pd 7-

Argumentative Essay

Being able to hunt is a very important and imperative freedom. All across the world, millions of people hunt as a way of life and a means of survival. From the beginning, hunting and fishing have prevented humans from going into extinction. Hunting should be made legal and kept legal in the United States. Allowing every state to hunt would provide a good source of exercise. In one hour, a hunter can burn about 300 calories. Hunting also has very positive effects on most hunted species populations all over the world. Additionally, Hunting provides jobs. It supplies 700,000 Americans with careers each year. Lastly, hunting is a timeless tradition that has been around forever, and frankly, should be kept legal for decades to come.

Hunting provides many jobs all over the country. Whether it is being a tour guide, or selling meat and furs, hunting supplies a great deal of full time and part time jobs to the United States. During a survey in 2014, 700,000 Americans claimed they had a profession linked with hunting/fishing. This is about one percent of the United States entire civilian workforce! It’s fair to say there’s a good chance some of these people could get jobs in other areas. Hunting provides a lot of knowledge of the outdoors and would be a good qualification for national parks. When it comes down to it, though, it is just a lot harder on people and the economy. Hunters annually add 1.4 billion dollars in state tax revenue. It would even negatively affect the environment.

Hunting has positive effects on nature and wildlife management. Many hunters give money to preservation societies and hunting helps species populations grow. In 1900, half of a million whitetail deer lived in the United States. Thanks to hunting and conservation societies, there are now 32,000,000 whitetail deer in the US. In addition, hunters donate nearly 8,000,000 dollars to conservation. Hunting species in very low numbers can definitely drive a species to extinction. The rhinoceros had 500,000 members of its species in 1900 and hunting caused the population to drop to 29,500. On the other hand, major laws are placed to protect these endangered species and conservation for these endangered species wouldn’t be possible without conservation funds from hunters. Conservation efforts also check on animals monthly to see their health and status. Along with the health of the animals, though, comes the health of the people behind the gun.

Hunting is a good source of exercise. On a normal hunt, hunters wear thick clothes, walk a lot, and carry their supplies. The average gun is 12.5 pounds. After walking around with it for a while, it starts to get tiring and provides a good workout for the arms. During 1 hour of hunting, approximately 340 calories are burned. Opposing sides could say this is not that much. As a matter of fact, they are right. Something as small as a brownie can backtrack this progress. Over time, though, these hours add up and can have a very positive effect on one’s health and fitness.Along with the exercise, the meat in the animals is usually packed with protein. After all, hunting is what kept our ancestors from going into extinction, and should be protected to keep a tradition with us in the present day.

Hunting is timeless. Many people have and still do follow in the footsteps of our ancestors by hunting. In prehistoric times when humans weren’t as sophisticated as they are now, they hunted animals as a source of food(but without a gun of course). In that day and age, humans were not able to identify plants as a source of food. Whenever someone looks down the barrel of a gun, they are carrying on a legacy that has been around for millenniums. The other side would say they needed it back then to live, but now we have vegetables, plants, and many “fake” types of meats which are pretty similar to real meat. Sure we have modern knowledge of plants and alternatives to meat, but real meat just tastes better, is used commonly in holidays(thanksgiving turkey), and we can only get that meat by hunting or catching those animals in the first place.

It is obvious that hunting should always be legal in the United States, and efforts should be made to keep it that way. Whether it’s guiding or selling your hard work, hunting provides many jobs all over the country. Most importantly, hunting has positive effects on the environment and actually is very beneficial for the populations of many species. At the same time, hunting is also a very good means of exercise and is a very vigorous activity. Additionally, hunting has created an everlasting bond between man and animal that has been and will always remain a part of our history as Americans, and even as a world. Only by keeping hunting legal in the United States, will we as a country be able to enjoy a timeless tradition that has allowed the human race to thrive.

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