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FWISD Selects Food Service Management Company | FWISD Trustees Pass Racial Equity Resolution | Overton Park Elementary To Be Newest FWISD School | Superintendent Again Asks Parents to Help Reduce Social Media Threats to Schools | Cyber Security For Education | Employees May Vote for DAC Delegates Through May 3 | Math Teacher Receives Hero’s Welcome | Lockheed Martin Surprises Local Students With Top-Secret Project | Teachers Lunch with Scholastic Senior VP, Author | FWISD Student Recipes Debut on la Madeleine Menu | The Congressional Award, Fort Worth ISD to Provide ‘Pathway to Career’ for Texas Teens | Fort Worth ISD Honors Partners and Volunteers at Appreciation Luncheon | FWISD Celebrates Volunteers, Community Partners | FWISD JROTC Staff Ride Honors American, Military History | YES! Conference Registration Opens Next Week | Ask Elsie | Donate To The MBK Suit Up! Campaign | Fort Worth ISD Snapshot | AAIL Snapshot | Calendar | View more stories throughout the week on the Inside FWISD Blog

FWISD Selects Food Service Management Company

The Fort Worth Independent School District (FWISD) Board of Education has voted to contract with Sodexo MAGIC to provide child nutrition services for all of the District’s students for the 2019-2020 school year, and possibly beyond.

The contract allows all current FWISD nutrition service workers to remain District employees for as long as each individual chooses. Future job applicants will have the opportunity to become a Fort Worth ISD employee.

The District believes that allowing a TDA approved Food Service Management Company to contractually administer the school lunch program for the District’s students will increase food quality and meal participation.

The duration of the contract is one year and may have the option for renewal, not to exceed four one-year renewals. Ultimately, the contract is contingent upon review and approval by the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA).

Click here for more details.

FWISD Trustees Pass Racial Equity Resolution

The Fort Worth ISD Board of Education approved a resolution Tuesday night to support and protect racial equity conversations District-wide. The measure passed unanimously.

The resolution is intended to prevent silencing, retaliating against, or marginalizing any parents or community members who are engaged in racial equity conversations.

The resolution aligns with the District’s goal to prepare all students for success in college, career and community leadership.


WHEREAS, the Fort Worth Independent School District Board of Education’s core

beliefs include: (1) Public education requires the active participation of parents and

the community to obtain and maintain excellence; and (2) The Fort Worth Independent School

District community acknowledges, respects and appreciates diversity;

WHEREAS, the Fort Worth Independent School District, like many urban public school

districts, is an institution that was not designed to elevate the voices of parents of color; and

WHEREAS, as the leaders of this organization, today it is our responsibility as the Board

of Education to address structures within this system that support the marginalization of any parent

or student;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Fort Worth Independent School

District will address any attempt by anyone working within our District to silence, retaliate against,

or delegitimize the experience of parents and community members who are engaged in racial

equity conversations as seriously as any other form of harassment.

APPROVED on the 23rd day of April, 2019 by the Fort Worth ISD Board of Trustees.

Overton Park Elementary To Be Newest FWISD School

The Fort Worth ISD Board of Education voted to name the District’s newest elementary school Overton Park Elementary which is currently scheduled to open in August 2020. This new school will address overcrowding at the existing nearby Tanglewood Elementary campus.

Funding for the new campus will be provided by the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) approved by District voters in November, 2017. The CIP provides just over $750 million for improvement projects across the District. Additional information regarding the newly-named Overton Park Elementary can be found on the District website.

Superintendent Kent P. Scribner spent several months working with the Tanglewood community examining available options for dealing with overcrowding at Tanglewood Elementary. In June of 2017 he recommended to the Board of Education that the District undertake the building of a new K-5 school in the Tanglewood attendance zone, while continuing much-needed improvements to the current Tanglewood school.

The naming of the new school was conducted in accordance with Board Policy CW(LOCAL) “New Facilities” which identifies the final decision in naming or renaming schools and other facilities within the District as a responsibility for the Board.

Although the City of Fort Worth has yet to assign a formal address to the new school it will be located at the corner of Kings Ridge and Briarhaven Road. Groundbreaking will take place on June 6 at 10 a.m.

Superintendent Again Asks Parents to Help Reduce Social Media Threats to Schools

The following letters were sent to parents by Superintendent Scribner earlier this week in response to a social media threat directed at a FWISD high school that resulted in a significant decrease in attendance:


The following communication is from the Network Services Department:

In this week’s issue, we will look into the effect of installing software that has not been vetted for security prior to installation.

In recent weeks, the Network Services Department has been actively working to remove malware from computers throughout the District. After removing the malware, we collected removal and browser logs that helped us to analyze how the machine became infected. An analysis of over 100 infected computers revealed that in addition to phishing-based malware being an issue, that direct user-installed software has created a growing number of issues.

Installing Software Before Reviewing

As an example of this, several computers that we analyzed became infected, when the computer user downloaded what initially appeared to be a valid piece of software. The specific tool in this case was PDFConverter, a tool distributed by PDFCreatorHub. The tool is free and actually does function to convert PDF files to Word, Excel and other formats.

You Get What You Pay For

At first glance, it would appear that a free tool to help with a task would be a good thing. The company however found a different and more lucrative and more sinister way to make money from the tool. As a tool, there is nothing wrong with the PDFConvertor software itself. It works as advertised and there is no cost. The issue with the software is what the user agrees to allow it to do, and how it goes about doing it.

Agreements and Malware

The issues with the software are twofold. First, companies like these rely on the fact that few people actually read the End-User Agreement included with the software. When the user of this particular software consents to the agreement, they agree to allow data to be collected by the software and sent to the manufacturer. The sinister part is that according to the agreement these companies are not required to reveal who or what they collect or sell, and may change it at any time to suit their needs. Second, this particular tool also installs a number of other tools in addition to the PDFConverter program. One of the many additional applications included is a tool called a “browser hijacker” that records information from a user’s web browser about the websites that user visited, along with other data, possibly even individual keystrokes used during transactions with websites.

Symptoms of PDFConverter Infection

  • It modifies the homepage, search engine and even new tab pages to the affected browser
  • It redirects the search sessions and leads them into questionable websites
  • It flashes lots of intrusive advertisements on each site you visit online
  • It downgrades the system speed as well as the browsing speed
  • It blocks the installed antivirus program and security tools inside the system

Staying Safe

While the Network Services Department has taken steps to keep this infection from occurring again, there are some best practices we recommend to keep you from becoming infected by this type of malware:

1. Free software is rarely free. It costs a great deal of money to develop, and most companies want to recover this cost and make a profit from it.

2. Don’t download and install software that hasn’t been tested for security. There are a lot of tools on the web that claim to be free and claim to help solve problems such as a slow computer, viruses, and other issues. These generally cause the problem they claim to fix. If you have a question, please enter a help desk ticket and we will be happy to assist with the testing and vetting of software.

3. Don’t install software that comes from an unknown vendor. This is a glaring sign that the organization that developed the software doesn’t want to be known.

And finally, always browse safely. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t click on it.

SOURCE: “How to remove PDFConvertor.com” Malware Board, https://www.malware-board.com/blog/how-to-remove-pdfconverterhub-com.

Employees May Vote for DAC Delegates Through May 3

Fort Worth ISD employees may vote for their respective representatives on the District Advisory Committee (DAC) through Friday, May 3.

Elections got underway Monday, April 22 and continue through May 3. More than 80 individuals were recommended for Places 1-12 on the committee, said Dr. Amanda Coleman, director of Board policy, governance and strategic support/elections officer in the Policy and Planning Department.

Employees will receive an email with information for how to vote for DAC members in their respective peer groups.

Voting is currently underway for the following DAC committee seats:

Places 1-4: Elementary Teachers

Places 5 and 6: Middle School Teachers

Places 7 and 8: High School Teachers

Place 9: At-Large Nonteaching Professional

Places 10-12: Campus Administrators

The DAC is a 21-member group that meets four to six times a year to advise the superintendent and Board of Education of educational plans, goals, performance objectives, and major classroom instructional programs. Other matters brought to the DAC include the District budget, calendar, professional development plans and new education programs and initiatives.

Elementary and secondary teachers and principals and non-instructional staff such as librarians, nurses, counselors, instructional specialists or central administration personnel are eligible to serve on the DAC. The committee includes eight classroom teachers, one at-large non-instructional employee and three campus administrators voted onto the committee by District staff. The remaining 11 committee members -- parents with children enrolled in the FWISD, business and community partners -- are appointed by FWISD school board trustees.

Terms on the committee are two years.

For more details, contact Dr. Amanda Coleman, director of Board policy, governance and strategic support/elections officer in the Policy and Planning Department at 817-814-1956 or email amanda.coleman@fwisd.org.

Math Teacher Receives Hero’s Welcome

Sgt. David Reyes, a seventh-grade math teacher at Mecham Middle School, recently received a hero’s welcome from students and staff.

The school hosted a ceremony that included music, celebratory banners and a special presentation honoring Sgt. Reyes, Thursday, April 18. The U.S. Army Reserve sergeant was deployed to Afghanistan for one year in April 2018 and returned to work the week of April 15, 2019.

Principal Oscar Martinez told attendees at the ceremony that it was important to celebrate one of its very own heroes.

“I want [students] to see what sacrifice looks like, what integrity looks like, what a hero looks like,” Mr. Martinez said. “Sgt. Reyes exemplifies this in the classroom to his students every day. The best teachers teach by example. We are very blessed to have him back safe at home.”

Sgt. Reyes was presented with a plaque for service to his country and a silver dollar for exemplary work and commendable achievement by Lt. Col. Richard Crossley, FWISD JROTC director, on behalf of the JROTC Program.

At the time of his deployment, Sgt. Reyes taught math at Meacham, coached cross country and was finishing his third year at the school.

View video of the hero’s welcome below.


EDITOR's NOTE: The following communication is from Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin and Discovery Education, the leading provider of digital curriculum resources and professional development for K-12 classrooms, surprised students at Western Hills High School Thursday, April 25, with a top-secret Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) mission the students conducted with help from Lockheed Martin engineers.

The project, Designed for Service, is part of Lockheed Martin’s Generation Beyond, a program designed to inspire students to pursue STEM careers.

Lockheed Martin launched Generation Beyond in 2016 in partnership with Discovery Education to inspire students to become the next generation of scientists and engineers by demonstrating how exciting a STEM career can be.

Western Hills is one of Fort Worth ISD’s schools offering Project Lead The Way engineering curriculum, which was a selection criteria for the Designed for Service project.

Lockheed Martin delivers breakthrough capabilities and landmark aircraft that continually redefine flight, including the Fort Worth-built F-35 Lightning II. With stealth technology, advanced sensors, weapons capacity and range, the F-35 is the most survivable and connected fighter aircraft ever built. Lockheed Martin is also home to the world-renowned Skunk Works®, the F-22 Raptor, the F-16 Fighting Falcon and the C-130J Super Hercules.

Learn more about today's event here.

About Lockheed Martin

Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, Lockheed Martin is a global security and aerospace company that employs approximately 105,000 people worldwide and is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products and services.

Teachers Lunch with Scholastic Senior VP, Author

Fourth-grade teachers and the principal from Fort Worth ISD’s Rosemont Elementary School were treated to lunch with Pam Allyn, author and senior vice president of innovation and development for Scholastic Education this week.

The lunch recognized the teachers for having the highest average minutes read per student in the recent NCAA Readers Become Leaders elementary literacy program subgroup. Top FWISD schools from each of the program subgroups were entered into a random drawing for the lunch with Ms. Allyn and the winning teachers, hosted Wednesday, April 24, 2019.

Ms. Allyn, who has written books including “Every Child A Super Reader: 7 Strengths to Open a World of Possible,” and “What to Read When: The Books and Stories to Read with Your Child – and All the Best Times to Read Them,” engaged in a stimulating conversation with Rosemont Elementary educators, Superintendent Kent P. Scribner and Dr. Raul Peña, chief of FWISD elementary schools, about fostering a love of reading in children and the power of reading aloud.

Learn more about the Readers Become Leaders program here.

FWISD Student Recipes Debut on la Madeleine Menu

Two dishes created by students from Fort Worth ISD’s North Side and South Hills High Schools are now on the kids’ menu at la Madeleine French Bakery and Café.

The Cinnamon Apple Crepe from North Side High’s Jacob Hernandez, Jisel Rodriguez and Abigail Morin and Ooh la la Chicken and Rice from South Hills’ Mark Torres debuts on the la Madeleine Kids Fit menu nationwide, Wednesday, April 24, 2019.

The student chefs are being recognized for their recipes at a May 1 event slated at a Fort Worth la Madeline.

Read more here.

The Congressional Award, Fort Worth ISD to Provide ‘Pathway to Career’ for Texas Teens

The Fort Worth Independent School District and The Congressional Award Foundation strengthened their commitment to student leaders by launching a new effort to grow tomorrow’s leaders, Wednesday, April 24.

The two organizations announced today a regional collaboration, which will address the need to prepare tomorrow’s workforce with tangible skills and attributes necessary to excel in a classroom setting and beyond.

“Our purpose in education is not only to teach our students to excel in school but to build their character through service to others. We are honored to partner with The Congressional Award to help our students thrive,” said Dr. Kent Paredes Scribner, Fort Worth ISD Superintendent.

The partnership will initially take shape with the first official Congressional Award designated school, which has been determined to be the World Languages Institute (WLI) located in Fort Worth.

In working with national, state, and local supporters, this partnership will have a sharp focus on leveraging enrichment opportunities for students like internships, intergenerational interactions, job training, and exploration of the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Click here to learn more.

Fort Worth ISD Honors Partners and Volunteers at Appreciation Luncheon

Nearly 300 guests celebrated the many community partners and volunteers who support Fort Worth ISD at the Partner and Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon April 22, which was the first day of National Public School Volunteer Week.

The program included remarks by Superintendent Dr. Kent P. Scriber. He thanked partners and volunteers for their continued support and said many times that “You Belong Here,” just as students and staff belong in Fort Worth ISD. The luncheon ended with an enthusiastic performance by Wedgwood 6th Grade Center’s show choir, the Vocal Warriors. The 32-member group is the school’s first show choir. Students sing and perform choreography under the direction of Cara Craggett.

This school year, nearly 13,000 volunteers have logged more than 42,000 hours in service to our schools.

Read more here.

FWISD Celebrates Volunteers, Community Partners

Fort Worth ISD would like to celebrate its amazing community partners and volunteers.

In observance of Public School Volunteer Week, Inside FWISD is taking a look back at a few partners and volunteers recently recognized by the Board of Education who’ve supported the District over the years.

Teresita Sillero, Springdale Elementary

A volunteer of Springdale Elementary School for 15 years, Mrs. Sillero does it all from helping with the school breakfast and lunch rushes to assisting teachers with decorating classrooms and making Xerox copies. She also helps with afterschool pickup for students.

A mother of five, Mrs. Sillero said that children are her motivation to help in any way she can.

“Mrs. Sillero is such an amazing and kindhearted person. She gives of herself- her time, resources, and compassion for others so freely,” Principal Leann Moreno said. “She spends much of her time making Springdale the BEST it can be- and she asks nothing in return…Springdale would not be the same without her. She is a true blessing on all those around her. We love that she is part of our Springdale family.”

Tonja Sloan-Nevels, Sunrise-McMillan Elementary

An active parent volunteer and Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) president at Sunrise-McMillan Elementary School, Ms. Sloan-Nevels is the proud grandparent to four Sunrise students. Since 2014, she’s logged hundreds of volunteer hours at the campus coordinating fundraisers benefitting students and teachers, chaperoning field trips, organizing materials, judging school competitions and assisting in hosting multiple school programs and parent engagement activities.

“She is always willing to spring into action, even with just a moment’s notice, to assist and support the staff and students,” said Principal LaTres Cole.

Nicole Fox, Maria Lucio and Paul Calhoun, Meadowbrook MS STEM Academy

Mrs. Fox, Mrs. Lucio and Mr. Calhoun have logged over 100 volunteer hours this school year.

Mrs. Fox is often found chaperoning field trips, supporting teachers in the classroom, serving on the STEM Parent Committee and hosting family engagement programs and activities. Mrs. Lucio and Mr. Calhoun are proud parents to a Meadowbrook MS STEM Academy. Mr. Calhoun, owner of Smokey’s BBQ on Lancaster, donates lunch for staff appreciation events and the STEM Academy Banquet and has held fundraisers at his business to support campus initiatives. Mrs. Lucio and Mr. Calhoun provide supplies for the Boat Regatta competition and donate gymnasium equipment.

“Their time and talent goes far beyond hours at the school,” Principal Marron McWilliams said of Mrs. Fox, Mrs. Lucio and Mr. Calhoun. “They fill in a gap when faculty and staff are doing their jobs.”

Jim and Gloria Austin

Committed partners of the Fort Worth ISD, Mr. and Mrs. Austin have invested time and love into exposing students, particularly seventh-graders, to Black, Hispanic, Native American and Asian cowboys in Texas, the remembrance of the Buffalo Soldiers and contributions of the Tuskegee Airmen, two of which were FWISD alumni, at the National Multicultural Western Heritage Museum and Hall of Fame which they founded in 2001. Over the years, they’ve also provided tickets so that FWISD students can attend the Fort Worth Cowboys of Color Rodeo.

FWISD JROTC Staff Ride Honors American, Military History

Members of the Fort Worth ISD JROTC are traveling to the East Coast next week for a military history tour of national museums, battlefield parks, memorials and monuments in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

From Sunday, April 28 to Saturday, May 4, a group of JROTC students will tour historic sites honoring American heritage and U.S. military history. Among sites on the tour are Antietam Battlefield National Park, Harper’s Ferry, Mount Vernon, the U.S. Capitol, the World War II Memorial, the Pentagon Memorial, the Smithsonian African American Museum, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, national mall memorials and Arlington National Cemetery.

Known as the Experiential Staff Ride, the tour examines the role and use of the U.S. military on the nation’s social, cultural, political, economic and technological development.

“We are a part of history. History travels with us. History gives us shared values, ideas and experiences, and our myriad U.S. Military History Experiential Staff Rides provide a meaningful connection to significant past events through cadets active engagement with Park Rangers, historians, JROTC teachers and fellow cadets,” said Lt. Col. Richard Crossley, Jr., FWISD JROTC program director. “Using research, imagination, empathy, curiosity, and respect and deconstructing past events, cadets are able to think on a broader scale, ignite aspirations, and develop responsible and realistic decisions as citizens and community leaders to reach and sustain the ideals embodied in “We the People.”

YES! Conference Registration Opens Next Week

Registration for the fifth annual YES! Conference officially opens, Wednesday, May 1.

The YES! Conference offers professional development training on payroll, budget, accounts payable, travel, health and physical education, maintenance and communications among other things. The one-day conference, slated for August 1 at Paschal High School, is open to District secretary, clerical, and administrative associate employees and some counselors.

FWISD employees will receive a link via email with details on how to register for the upcoming conference. Registration is open from May 1- July 19.

For more details, contact Vanessa Crump, budget management and administrative assistant, at vanessa.crump@fwisd.org.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Ask Elsie is a column where Chief Financial Officer Elsie Schiro tackles employee queries, or in areas outside her purview, asks other District leaders to answer them.

Dear Elsie,

I have this really great opportunity to use an innovative web-based mathematics program called Wowzers. They will upload the student information and NWEA data in the system using a special program. Who do I contact to help me with this?


Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your question. I reached out to Charles Carroll, FWISD chief academic officer, regarding your question and here’s the response: “We are happy that you are wanting to try innovative programs with your students. However, we do not have a data-sharing agreement with this company that has been routed through the FWISD process. Without this agreement, you would be in violation of the FERPA/CIPA laws. In order for student information to be loaded in a web-based application or instructional program, there must be a District data-sharing agreement on file. This includes pilots, free trials, free programs and purchased programs. Additionally, we would want to ensure that this program, or any other program, would meet the instructional needs of our students. For further information or additional questions, please contact the Office of Academics at 817-814-2402.”

Thank you, Anonymous for your question, and thank you Mr. Carroll for your response.


Direct your questions to Inside@fwisd.org and put the words "Ask Elsie" in the subject line. Please close your letter with your preferred signature as you wish it to appear in the column. When there are multiple queries on the same subject, we will select the one that is most representative of the subject. We will try to answer as many questions as possible.


Invest in the accomplishments and success of a graduating senior.

Be part of the 2019 My Brother’s Keeper Suit Up! Campaign. Fort Worth ISD, the Education Foundation for Fort Worth Schools and Jos. A. Bank are partnering to recognize graduating male seniors with a tailored suit, dress shirt, tie, belt and shoes. Contributions in any amount are being accepted that will go toward outfitting about 60 students.

Visit http://www.ef4fw.org/ to donate to the 2019 MBK Suit Up! Campaign.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following are recent photos from across the Fort Worth ISD.

Month of the Military Child: To celebrate, Waverly Park Elementary recently honored the children of service men and women with certificates, cheers and fist bumps.

Administrative Professionals Day: The Fort Worth ISD joined the nation in celebrating Administrative Professionals Day, Wednesday, April 24. Departments and District campuses showed appreciation for the hard work numerous individuals put into administrative tasks for the FWISD. On Tuesday, April 23, mariachi ensembles from North Side and Paschal high schools performed selections to celebrate the District’s administrative professionals in the FWISD Administration lobby.

Students at the Leadership Academy at Maude Logan Celebrate Earth Day, April 22

Christene Chadwick Moss Reception: Mrs. Moss was recognized April 18 for serving nearly three decades on the Fort Worth ISD Board of Education. In February, Mrs. Moss announced that she is not seeking re-election and will step down from the District 3 seat when her term ends this May.

Readers Become Leaders: Fort Worth ISD’s Lily B. Clayton Elementary School is the District’s inaugural Readers Become Leaders elementary literacy program champion. The school was crowned champion at a celebratory Readers Become Leaders finale ceremony, Thursday, April 18, at the Fort Worth Convention Center Arena. More than 1,400 students in kindergarten through fifth-grade from Clayton Elementary and runners-up, H. V. Helbing and the Leadership Academy at Como, were invited to watch Open Practice ahead of the start to the National Collegiate Women’s Gymnastics Championship, April 19-20 at the convention center.

Literacy Night: FWRSEA (Fort Worth Retired School Employees Association) members, and FWISD teachers recently participated in UCC Polytechnic’s inaugural Literacy Night. The theme was “Passport to Literacy.” Students stamped pretend “passports” when they went to the different countries. Each room represented a country and a different activity. The event also included a a mini Scholastic Book Fair, and free books donated from several of my former FWISD teachers.

AHHS Hosts Second Artist Residency: Leslie Williams, director of dance at West Texas A&M University, took up a two-day residency with dancers at Fort Worth ISD’s Arlington Heights High School, April 15-17.

Terrell Academy Students Perform at Kimbell Art Museum: The academy's orchestra and choir departments recently presented “Bellotto’s Baroque: Masterpieces from the Italian & German Schools” in the Piano Pavilion at the museum

DFW Dreamline Festival: Sam Rosen Elementary School recently participated in the inaugural DFW Dreamline Festival in Dallas. Schools from Dallas ISD, Garland ISD, and Fort Worth ISD participated in this event. The school's dream flags will travel to Philadelphia in May for the national Dreamline Festival.

Picnic on the Playground: M.G. Ellis Primary School recently hosted its Picnic on the Playground

TCU Day of Service: Over 300 TCU students recently partnered with FWISD K-fourth graders to help make reading fun as part of its annual Day of Service.


The following communication is from the Advanced, Accelerated, and Innovative Learning Department:

In an effort to celebrate excellent employees and share best practices, the Advanced, Accelerated, and Innovative Learning Department is “spotlighting” outstanding individuals and schools. We are excited to spotlight Jason Bruck at Westpark Elementary this week:

April is Child Safety Month

April is Month of the Military Child

April is School Library Month

April is National Autism Awareness Month

FWISD is looking for Bilingual Teachers

FWISD is hiring bus drivers

FWISD is hiring AVID tutors

Professional Learning and Innovation Opportunities

Elementary Professional Learning Opportunities

Secondary Professional Learning Opportunities

Gold Seal Late Application Window, Continues through September 6

Training Schedule for New ELAR TEKS for Grades 3-5 Teachers and Administrators, Register in Eduphoria

Training Schedule for New ELAR TEKS for Grades 6-8 Teachers and Administrators, Register in Eduphoria

Spring VOLY Training Sessions for FCLs, new campus staff and campus partners

Public School Volunteer Week, Continues through Friday, April 26

Early voting for May 4 Joint General and Special Elections, Continues through Tuesday, April 30 (Rosemont MS is the only FWISD facility utilized as an early voting polling location)

Spring Showcase, 6:30- 8 p.m. Thursday, April 25 at I.M. Terrell Academy for STEM and VPA

JROTC Pass-in-Review, 10 a.m. Friday, April 26, Farrington Field

District Teacher of the Year Ceremony, Thursday, May 2

School Lunch Hero Day, Friday, May 3

Informative Immigration Session, Friday, May 3

School, Municipal, County College and Water District elections, Saturday, May 4

Physical Exams for Middle and High School Athletes, Saturday, May 4

Cinco de Mayo, Sunday, May 5

Share your story ideas, successes, calendar items, photos, questions and feedback with us at Inside@FWISD.org. Check the Inside FWISD blog, www.fwisd.org/insidefwisd, regularly updated throughout the week with additional content and features.

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