Greek Myth Aphrodite By: Carleigh


Aphrodite has many different alussions. One alussion is Venus the razers this a alussion because they used to call her Venus. The second alussion for Venus is the planet Venus. A third alusion is dove the body wash because a dove is a simble of love. One last alussion is listed below.


Aphrodite has many caracter traits and they are love kind and she is not harmful. Zues is a realy cranky god what I mean is he is not a peacful god. All the gods have a little part of sweet in them and they all have a part betrade in them. Her husband Hephaestus the god of fire and metalwork I think he sounds scary and all but I belive he has a little sweetnis in him.

Informasion about Aphrodite.

Apherodite lived in a island in the mediteranean and the home of Aprodite. She lived without no mother nor father. And she was married to the god of fire Hephaesus. I don't think she loved him. This is because she had a afair with his brother the god of war Ares. I bet she used her beauty on him like she does to the other gods. It might be her name that made him love her because it is so beautiful. Her name has a meaning and that means created from fome. Hara and the other goddesses were verry jealus of her beauty. Aphrodite has many animals that she has loved. A dove is her favorite bird because it is a sighn of love. At first I thought that Aphrodite had no hatred in her but I was so very rong because she had many many afairs in her life.

Character Traits of Heroes and Villians

Charater traits about heros and villains are that heros are strong and brave. Different heros are Achillesis, Heracles, Jason, Medea, Argonauts,Odysseus, and many mhore. They all one trait That is the same and it is being brave. The Villains are Zeus and Mudusa. Mudusa is a villain because when people look at her she turns them into stone. The thing that Zues and Mudusa have in comon are that they both are very crule to all the humans that are on the earth.

Different Myths

Sharing some of my favorite greek storys. The story of Medusa, Odysseus, Heracles, and Hera.

And that was the story of Aphrodite.


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