Serial Killer Profile Jeffery Dahmer

Table of Contents:

  • Early Life
  • Description of Crimes
  • What the Police Could of Done Better to Catch Dahmer
  • How to Apply What I've Learned
Early Life:
  • Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 21st, 1960
  • Parents names: Lionel and Joyce Dahmer
  • As a young boy he always seemed happy and energetic
  • Had surgery at the age of four to correct a double hernia
  • The family frequently moved making it hard to make friends
  • Had one brother named David Dahmer
  • As a teen Dahmer was very tense and withdrawn
  • Dahmer claims that he was 14 when he started to consider and think about murder
  • The divorce of his parents is thought to of been the breaking point for Dahmer
  • Dahmer had a drinking problem that spiraled out of control during his killings
Pictured above is Dahmer's Childhood House.
Description of Crimes:
  • First victim was Steven Hicks a hitchhiker who Dahmer got drunk. When Hicks tried to leave Dahmer struck him on the head and strangled him with a barbell.
  • The second victim was Steven Tuomi. The two got a hotel room together and drank, a lot. The next morning Dahmer woke up and Tuomi was dead; Dahmer was so drunk that night that he couldn't remember anything that had happened the night before.
  • All the other crimes start to run together. Dahmer would lure men for gay bars, malls, etc. get them drunk and then kill them.
  • Dahmer would take the corpses' of his victims dismember then bury the pieces in bags in his grandmother's back yard.
  • Dahmer would sometimes keep pieces of his victims as trophies
  • He was known for taking pictures with his victims during the act of killing them so that he could 'relive' the moment later.
  • Dahmer lived and committed crimes at his grandmother's house and she had no clue this was going on within her home.
  • Dahmer was finally caught in 1991
Pictured above is some pieces of human remains found in Dahmer's fridge.
What the Police Could of Done Better to Catch Dahmer:
  • Searched Dahmer's house when the Asian boy was found running the streets
  • Should of suspected Dahmer as soon as more young boys were going missing.
  • Again, when the Asian boy was found roaming the streets naked, the police shouldn't have been so lazy and done a proper search of Dahmer's home.
How to Apply What I've Learned:
  • Again, just with many others cases a lead should be taken seriously. The police in this case just didn't put clues together and if they would of less people of died. All in all, I learned that you need to be careful and connect clues. Just like in the Mr. Bling Bling and J. Dawg cases, we connected the blood types found at the crime scenes and the drugs involved in both murders.
Dahmer was killed by a fellow prison mate in jail in 1994.

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