Homecoming game By: Ayslin Bowman and Gretchen Turner

SHS had their annual homecoming game on Friday, Oct. 1. They introduced their homecoming court during halftime.

Homecoming court

(top) All of the homecoming court candidates stand side-by-side for a picture. (bottom left) Seniors Ellie Brown and Rui Dong walk down the field, representing the senior class. (bottom middle) Freshmen Sophia Nguyen and Imon Cousins represent the freshman class. (bottom right) Sophomores Ellie Herwehe and Nolan Roll stand in place, representing the sophomore class. Photos by Gretchen Turner
Homecoming king and queen, Trevor Chambers and Aryssa Ramos, congratulate each other before being crowned. Photos by Ayslin Bowman
Chambers and Ramos smile for a group picture with the other members of the court. Photo by Ayslin Bowman


The team runs out onto the field with both the American and the Cardinal flags to commemorate the start of the game. The Cards wave their flag at the start of every home game. Photo by Gretchen Turner
The players on both teams stand on the line getting ready for the play to start. Photo by Ayslin Bowman
The team kneels on the sideline after a player on the opposing team gets injured. Both teams kneeled until he was taken off of the field. Photo by Gretchen Turner
Senior Jihad Wilson latches onto an opponent's arm in an attempt to tackle him. Photo by Ayslin Bowman
Sophomore Bryce Calvert listens to his coach's feedback while offense and defense switch out. Photo by Ayslin Bowman
Senior Mason Piatt talks to a fellow teammate on the bench while the defense is in. Photo by Gretchen Turner


(top) Both SHS cheerleading teams and the visiting youth cheerleading team respectfully kneel while a player is injured. (bottom left) Sophomore Mary Pfeiffer shouts during an uplifting moment for the team. (bottom right) Senior Emma Meredith motions the crowd as she leads them in a cheer. Photos by Ayslin Bowman

Marching band

(top left) Junior Jackie Coy moves a marimba into the pit before the pieces. (top middle) Senior Anton Laut catches a glimpse of his drum major for guidance. (top right) Assistant drum major junior Kaitlin Osborne follows along with head drum major senior Lilly Prawatt. (bottom) Junior Tony Jing belts out a note on his mellophone during the performance. Photos by Ayslin Bowman