Earth, Seasons, and the Moon

Nile river

Nile is the longest river in the world flowing in Egypt.


Rotation of the Earth causes day and night.


Every 4 years another day is added.


Egyptians helped create the calendar.


If one part of the Earth is in winter, the other is in summer.

Earth's tilt

Seasons are different on opposite sides of the Earth.


It is summer, in June worldwide.


In December, Alaska is in winter while in Brazil it's summer.


March is warm and humid most places on Earth.


It isn't winter most places during September.


Moonlight is actually sunlight reflecting off the Moon and onto the Earth.


Phases occur about 8 times throughout the month.

Solar eclipse

This happens when the Moon entirely or partially blocks the Sun.

Lunar eclipse

Similar to a solar eclipse, the Sun covers AT LEAST some part of the Moon.

High tides

These are caused by the Moon.

Spring tide

Spring tides comes twice a month , during full and new Moon.


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