The Hunger Games and Real life Problems By: Jen/Jace hughes

In The Hunger Games and current events, some governments control what the people know and learn, all these things happen because the government wants to stay in power. These governments, real or fake, always want to rule and force people to do things that they do not want to do.

North Korean and Chinese Flag

First off, in The Hunger Games the people in the districts aren't aloud to leave (Collins,4). This Connects to the problem between China and North Korea. The people in China don't want Koreans in their country, the people who flee from North Korea secretly pass the boarder to enter China. Along with this is that Kim Jong-Un doesn't want people from outside North Korea to know what happens inside the boarders, he also doesn't want people in his country to see the outside world. The reasoning behind this is that Kim Jong-Un doesn't want to lose power as ruler. (Secret State of North Korea.)


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