Mars!!! The big eye planet.

Mars photos

Mars cool fact:Mars had water at one time. Mars is the fourth planet from the sun. mars is named after a god. 94 ponds is 0.38 &72 is 0.38 &80 is 0.38.

The diameter of mar is 4,212 diameter the size of mars is 2,106.
The period of the days it rotates is 687 days it rotates. The revolution or the year it has is 1.88 Earth years.
The averge distance from the sun is 141.6 million miles.

The averge surface temeputer is 125c temputer and 70f and 20

This is when mars had water

This is what the oder that the planets are in

This is the gods room that founded Mars

This it what but these are the other planets


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