The Juke King Project Sankey joins sport's RARest fraternity

The flag and rifle corps is ready to do work.
Tornado quarterback Sam Vaulton was never better. His throws were on the money all game long. The guy has some real wheels in the run game, too.
Luke Summerall. All business.
Summerall isn't frontin' here. He'll bring the noise.
BPR favorite Tristen Blankenship leaves defenders in his wake as he churns for a big gain. The backfield of Grey Carroll at fullback and Blankenship at tailback was a real head-turner.
Cam Burden (8) and Ronald Jackson team to lock down a Indian ball carrier.
Junior running back Ahmaudd Sankey, the "Juke King," wowed us with a first quarter touchdown catch that left a host of would-be tacklers grasping at air. The stutter juke on the run that set up the Tornadoes' final touchdown was just bonkers.
Many still regard the 1989 Tornadoes as best team the school has ever fielded. They've got a case.
The King celebrates his opening score with an aerial move with receiver Brayden Anderson.
The thing we can't get past is Alcoa offensive lineman Malik Hall is bent over here. How big is that guy when he stands straight up! Geez!
This third quarter Blankenship burst brought Alcoa's engines to full power. That's Carroll at left. Again, we love this backfield.
Not to be denied, Sankey finds the end zone for the game's final score.
Take a good look at Hall (64), Daunte Asbury (50) and Eli Mitchell (68). Go ahead. Take a good long look.
Oh, my.
Thanks for a great show, Ahmaudd. Best of luck in the playoffs.