Eat mor chikin breakfast: Chick-fil-a all-day breakfast Improvement in Sales

McDonald's all-day breakfast is a success, and once Chick-fil-A adds an all-day breakfast menu they will join in on the success.
Customers who are unable to arrive before the 10:30 AM cutoff do not get to enjoy Chick-fil-A breakfast
Chick-fil-A's destiny is to start serving Al-Day Breakfast.

Chick-fil-A is a desirable fast-food restaurant, and once they serve breakfast all-day Chick-fil-A will become even more popular.

Sales will rise once Chick-fil-A serves All-Day Breakfast!


Created with images by Mark Turnauckas - "Chick-fil-A Cow" • JeepersMedia - "McDonald's All Day Breakfast Clock Sign" • fhwrdh - "Breakfasts Served All Day" • JeepersMedia - "McDonald's Breakfast" • dbking - "S. Truett Cathy"

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