Alumni Relations and Annual Giving Annual Report 2016 - 2017

This year, the University of Miami Alumni Association focused on metrics to show the real, tangible, and quantitative impact of the work that we do in order to further the mission of the University of Miami and to enhance the relationship with our current and future alumni.

Alumni Relations

Global Networking Night (New York City), September 2016

Regional Engagement

Increased overall regional engagement to 9,000 (FY17), a 25% increase, with 4,000 from UM Alumni Association driven initiatives, and 5,000 from domestic ’Canes Communities programming.

Program Highlights:

We Are One U - New York

• The UM Alumni Association led the We Are One U tour featuring President Frenk and esteemed faculty through ’Cane Talks. The tour brought the leadership and intellectual zeal of the University of Miami to ’Canes and it was an opportunity to introduce President Frenk to the global ’Canes community. Through the tour we engaged close to 1,500 alumni, parents, and friends in major cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, New York, San Jose, Costa Rica, and Washington, DC.

• Hosted the UM Notre Dame Football Weekend, in October 2016, that included a leadership VIP reception, alumni bus transportation from Chicago to South Bend, and culminated in a pregame celebration that was attended by 1,048 alumni, donors, parents, and friends, constituting the second largest single-alumni event on the road in the past decade.

Miami Hurricanes

• ’Canes Communities engaged 5,000 alumni, parents, and friends, all over the country through events and programs including professional networking events, career programs, educational opportunities, game watch parties, and community service projects.

• Partnered with the Office of Admission to secured more than 20 alumni panelists for the Accepted Student Receptions in nearly 10 cities.

• UConnect online submissions increased by 25% from 473 to 600 thus helping to identify and cultivate future regional alumni leaders.

• Identified, recruited, and trained regional alumni leaders, and increased the number of leaders by 25%, to continue building the prospect pipeline.

• Increased ’Cane Community participation in the PRIDE program of alumni engagement by 50%. PRIDE programming consists of programming in each of the following areas: Professional and Social Networking, Recruiting Students and Scholarship Fundraising, Ibis: Sports Programming, Devotion to Community, and Education for Alumni.

• Implemented a culture of compliance for data collection and reporting that increased collected engagement data by 20% from the domestic ’Canes Communities.

Alumni Weekend 2016 - Class of 1966 50th Reunion

Alumni Weekend and Reunions

• Alumni Weekend engaged more than 1,500 alumni and friends through 50th, and 10th, class reunion milestone celebrations, 46 affinity group reunions, various school and college events, legacy admission forums, and our annual all-alumni Alumni Avenue, Pregame Celebration, Audrey R. Finkelstein UM Experience, and Golden Ibis Society programs.

• Increased the number of reunion volunteer leaders by 46%.

• Identified, coded, and engage new strategic affinity groups, such as Veterans and LGBTQ, to increase potential for data collection through reunions.

UTrailblazers Weekend 2017

Special Constituencies, Affinity Campaigns, Young Alumni, and Legacy Engagement

Special Constituencies:

• The UM Alumni Association partnered with the Black Alumni Society on the First Black Graduates UTrailblazers project that acknowledged those who blazed the trail in breaking the color barrier at the University of Miami in the 1960s and 1970s. We hosted a signature series of events on campus February 24-25, 2017 that engaged close to 500 and featured a campus bus tour and visit to the Richter Library’s We Were Pioneers exhibit, which showcased archival materials detailing the early years of black life on campus; an opening reception with President Frenk; an alumni-student forum, and a keynote address by Harold Long, A.B. ’68, J.D. ’71, who founded United Black Students at the University of Miami in 1967. The program culminated in a grand gala that included several alumni who had not been back to campus in decades and highlighted the nearly $100,000 ($97,009 exact number) raised in scholarships for current students.

• Increased special constituency engagement from 2,245 to 3,000, a 13% increase.

'Canes Couples

Affinity Campaigns:

• Integrated alumni engagement strategies with five Annual Giving Affinity Giving Campaigns including UMTV, Veterans Hope Clinic, Sports Ethics Debate, ’Canes Couples, and Alternative Break.

Young Alumni

Young Alumni:

• Increased recent graduate engagement from 3,500 to 4,500, a 30% increase

• Maintained Young Alumni Leadership Council annual giving participation at 67% from 55 total members.

• Increased student engagement from 4,519 to 6,000, a 33% increase, expanding the total student engagement from 40% to 53%.

• Increased Student Alumni Ambassador (SAA) program membership from 25 active members to 40 active members, a 60% increase, and utilize to promote the UM Alumni Association brand and its benefits and services.

• Created an online 30 Under 30 program to feature successful young alumni that received more than 100 nominations from 11 states, as well as the United Kingdom, Japan, Africa, and Pakistan.

• Hosted the inaugural Dinner with 12 Strangers program engaging more than 70 students and 15 alumni mentors.

• Collaborated with on-campus partners to host “Senior Week’ events that culminated in the second annual Commencement Ball attended by 650 seniors and guests that highlighted the benefits and services available to them as they transitioned to young alumni.

Graduating Legacy Reception 2016

Legacy Program:

Meaningfully engaged 925 legacy families (up from 861 in FY16) through an expanded legacy program of additional touchpoints and more comprehensive benefits and services including a senior legacy headshot program.

Bronze Sebastian, Newman Alumni Center

Alumni Leadership

Attained 95% participation (up from 93%) in annual giving by current Alumni Board of Directors members, and $689,633.26 in overall revenue, including living past presidents, (up from $613,000).

Achieved 77% giving by Alumni Council members (up from 70%), and $40,000 in revenue (up from $25,657) in fiscal year 2017.

Developed four new alumni engagement programs for alumni leaders to become involved with in fiscal year 2017, thus allowing each of the 36 board members to meaningfully engage in at least one program in the coming fiscal year.

'Cane Biz owner, John Lederman, M.B.A. '08, owner and operator of Joanna's Marketplace in South Miami

Career Services

Expanded the ’Cane Biz program, the interactive alumni business owner/operated online portal for alumni to search for alumni-owned and operated businesses across the globe that may be offering a discount to alumni. Increased the ’Cane Biz footprint from 300 to more than 500 businesses represented on the map, including a handful of international ’Canes business owners.

Seeking career advice

• Expanded Global Networking Night to include an online webinar in conjunction with the city-based signature events; in all, yielding more than 800 participants from 22 cities in a robust professional networking program.

• Established two professional affinity alumni groups including Banking and Financial Services (for which a panel event was held in October 2017 in New York City) and an Entertainment Affinity Group (an online networking event is scheduled for spring 2018).

• Identified, developed, and piloted a new resume review and career counseling service provided by a third party and awarded 18 UM Alumni Association Scholarships to alumni looking for opportunities to advance in their careers or who were looking for employment.

• Developed LinkedIn content strategy to increase alumni subscribers on the UM Alumni Association community page from 5,750 (FY16) to 6,700 (FY17), a 17% increase.

UM Alumni Association in Beijing, 2017

International Engagement

• Increased international alumni and parent engagement by 49%.

• Increased the number of alumni international leaders by 90%.

• Traveled to Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai to host receptions featuring College of Engineering Dean Jean-Pierre Bardet for more than 150 alumni, parents, and friends.

• Established an Asia-Pacific Parent Network in China to begin the development of strategic parent relations in China.

• Increased international student engagement on campus by 75%.

• Established an official WeChat platform with 690 subscribers, with 37 published articles and 17,793 individual reaches.

Newman Alumni Center

Newman Alumni Center

• Increased gross revenue of the Newman Alumni Center by 4.2% (from $280,599 in FY16) to $292,500 in FY17.

• Increased the number of external clients to 180 (up from 168 clients in FY16).

• More than 30,000 guests attended events at the Newman Alumni Center in FY17.

Customized UM men’s suit jackets

Affinity Partnerships and Alumni Benefits

• Increased affinity revenue from $248,000 in FY16 to $272,800, a 10% increase in FY17.

• Secured a donation of 150 customized UM men’s suit jackets from a leading manufacturing company totaling a value of $45,000. The jackets will be sold in 2018 as part of the exclusive University of Miami boutique.

Alumni Communications

• Launched a new interactive, mobile-friendly alumni website with improved navigation, and vibrant content thus yielding 220,428 site visits in FY17 (up from 206,634 in FY16) an increase of 7%.

• Created a seamless branded digital experience for alumni, with a focus on improving engagement: Increased repeat visits from 31% to 51% (by 20%), mobile traffic from 27% to 52% (by 25%), and total time spent on the site by 25%.

• Increased branding compliance of digital communications managed by alumni groups from 11% to 80% (by 69%), including ’Cane Community social media accounts, ’Cane Community webpages, and ’Cane Community email marketing.

• Increased engagement across the UM Alumni Association’s social media channels, with emphasis on coordinated campaigns and vibrant content. Each platform is steadily growing by 3% monthly; Facebook currently has 19,098 likes, with an average of 30 new likes per week, an increase of 3% monthly.

Philanthropy Awareness Day

Annual Giving

• Among our peer group, over the past 5 years, we have seen an Alumni donor growth rate of 20.7%. There are only two other institutions with better rates: Rice University and William & Mary. The national average among the group was a -5.6% decrease.

• We average 1.6 gifts per donor per year. The puts us only behind Yale, University of Michigan, Wake Forest and Texas Christian University nationally.

• Over the past three fiscal years we have seen a 8.9% increase in the number of Alumni donors and a very robust 28.5% increase in the number of gifts from that same population over the past three years.

• We have seen a University-wide revenue growth in annual gifts over the past 5 years from $7,831,000 to $10,101,000 a 29% increase in revenue from annual gifts.

Direct Marketing

• Increased donors from direct marketing channels from 16,975 to 17,142, a 1% increase.

• Increased predictive modeling/analytics to increase open rates by 5%, from 25% to 30%.

• Increased donor recognition/retention by 7%.

Philanthropy Awareness Day

Student Philanthropy

• Increased undergraduate and graduate student donors by 7%.

• Increased undergraduate and graduate student philanthropy revenue by 7% to $45,000.

• Increased the revenue from Senior Day at the Rat from $13,850 to $15,000 and increased the total number of donors by 3%.

• Increased the number of Cap and Gown donors by 6%.

Young Alumni Social 2016

Recent Graduate Giving

• Increased the number of recent graduate donors (both undergraduate and graduate alumni) by 2.46%.

• Increased the number of undergraduate recent graduate donors by 3.39%.

• Increased the number of graduate recent graduate donors by 5%.

• Increased the overall recent graduate retention rate by 1%.

• Increased Class of 2016 undergraduate and graduate retention from 25% to 30%, increasing donors by 5%.

Affinity Giving

• Executed ten affinity campaigns with 556 donors, representing a 10% increase. Campaigns included Rocket 'Canes, UMTV, Bermont Carlin Scholars, Alumni Couples, and Black Alumni to name a few.

• Raised $118,250 in total dollars, a 4% increase.

Leadership & Loyalty to the U

Stewardship and Donor Retention

• Grew the Loyalty Society by 7.24%.

• Grew the McLamore Society by 4.5%.

• Achieved a donor retention rate of 65% or higher.

• Launched a Leadership and Loyalty survey to solidify strategies with 1,500 responses, yielding a 12% response rate.

Council for Advancement and Support of Education Recognition

CASE District III (3 awards total)

• National Platinum Award, Best Practices in Alumni Relations - Award of Excellence, Senior Sendoff: Today's Graduates, Tomorrow's Alumni

• Alumni Relations Engagement Project, Event, or Program - Grand Award, UM Presidential Inauguration-Alumni Outreach

• National Platinum Award, Best Practices in Alumni Relations - Special Merit Award, UM Presidential Inauguration-Alumni Outreach

CASE Circle of Excellence (1 national award)

• Silver Award, Innovative Alumni Programs, University of Miami Presidential Inauguration – Alumni Outreach

Whether it is in alumni engagement, annual giving, or volunteer leadership, much of what we have accomplished this year comes from our desire to get better and to better serve you, our alumni. We are grateful for your partnership and all of your support.

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