James Joyce By Jack LukacovIc

Joyce grew up in Ireland, this affected how he wrote in various ways

Writing Styles of James JoYce

Two of Joyce's major influences in writing were religion and family. He had a constant battle with religion starting his life early as a Catholic before eventually drifting away from his beliefs then back to them.

Joyce's religion affected his writing style by working blasphemy into his writing early on then shifting back and writing Ulysses and Finnegans Wake - both of which have a Catholic influence and feel. Joyce's religious life is never fully clear but it is constantly debated if he is Catholic or atheist

In addition to Religion, family was a tremendous influence on his writing. Joyce's poetry and prose was influenced by people he met in his life and music. Music was also a major influence of his work. Joyce himself had great talent, he loved to include it in his writing, the most influential genre in his music was opera.

Stream of Consciousness - says word for word what a character is thinking to himself


Some of Joyce's most notable themes are life and death, country/nationality, family and geniuses

He believed geniuses had the ability to shape the world

Ulysses's idea of the journey is a major theme

Short list of works

Dubliners, 1914

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, 1916.

Exiles, 1918.

Ulysses, 1922.

Pomes Penyeach, 1927.

Finnegans Wake, 1939.


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