Alchemist Visual/Textual Essay

“It was shepherds who were first to recognise a king that the rest of the world refused to acknowledge”
This quote connects to the idea that people who pay attention in life see more and notice more like seeing a dollar on the street. PAying attention to the world can alow you to enjoy life more and notice things other people dont.
“The desert is a capricious lady, and sometimes drive men crazy”
in This quote the caravan leader tells the people entering this journey on the dessert with him of this metaphor that the dessert can drive men crazy like a women who changes her mind often. This helps in life to teach you patience with the dessert and with life that it will take some time so dont get frustrated.
"When you want something with all your heart that's when you are closest to the soul of the world”
In this quote the alchemist tells santiago that when he wants something with all his heart he is close to the soul of the world. In life WHEN you put HARD WORK into something YOU'LL get the results you want.
“because , wherever your heart is, that is where youll find your treasure.” Pg128
In this quote it says that your heart will guide you to your treasure. because when your heart feels good and happy thats where your treasure is in life.
“Everyone on this earth has a treasure that awaits them.” pg 131
in this quote the alchemist is telling santiago that everyone has a personal legend or treasure that awaits them. alot of people never PURSUE these legends.
“The world speaks many languages the boy thought”
In this quote santiago thinks about how many languages the world speaks. the world speaks many languages and in many ways through omens and through the land and people that inhabit it.


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