Good Life: The Devine by Kendal owen

The spatial experience: As a freshman, the Reitz Union is the first place on campus that you're introduced to, so when I was informed that there was a theater in the Reitz as well, I couldnt believe it. While approaching the theater with some of my sorority sisters, we were surprised of the location, as it was discretely tucked away in the corner of the Reitz. As a child, my family adored going to different musicals in Jacksonville, or even flying to New York to experience the thrill of Broadway. With the expectations of Broadway in my head, I was expecting the exterior of the Constans Theater to be much more dramatic and flamboyant; however, the simple nature of the theater itself, your attention was focused on the play itself. My favorite part of the theater is when the lights dim and all you can focus on is the anticipation of the upcoming play; silence surrounds you, as you wait for the first character to make his/her debut.

The social experience: For this play, i was accompanied by some of my sorority sisters who are all also enrolled in good life. We all met prior to the play and drove over together while discussing our expectations. Alexandra (pictured) and I sat together as we watched the play and were in awe of the flow of the play and the development of the characters. By going with my friends, we were able to discuss the play afterwards and compare experiences and opinions. Yes, going to the theater can be productive whilst alone; however, when you're accompanied by friends, you can listen and learn other things about the play that you might not have observed at first. By going with a group of friends and comparing your experiences, you gain new perspectives.

The cultural and intellectual experience: By watching this play, i was able to develop a more sincere appreciation for advances in technology, especially in the workplace. While watching the play, you're reminded of all the tragedies brought forth due to children working in dangerous situations and all the fatalities that occurred. Thanks to advances in technology, machines are now able to take the place of workers and do the dangerous work instead, preventing numerous fatalities. Prior to the play, i had no idea what the story line was about; however, after watching it, i appreciate the history it portrayed.

The emotional experience: In my opinion the most shocking use of katharsis in this play was the unveiling of Talbot's past with the church. For centuries the church has represented a pure and cleansing figure in society, but Bouchard challenges this by encompassing a sacrilegious, immoral, and abusive physical relationship between Talbot and an elder priest. The presence of this situation in the play hints at the hypocrisy we all face and experience. By encompassing this certain obscene situation, it makes the viewer feel as if he/she is more comfortable to come clean about his/her own sin. Every character in the play faces his/her own form of anguish. The theater provides a comfortable place for the audience to face their mistakes and sort through them while relating to someone onstage. Once an individual faces his/her blunders, he/she is able to move forward and continue on the path for true happiness.

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