The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Margo SCHWARZ (

The Spatial Experience: As soon as I got to the Constans Theater, I was very excited. I have been raised to love the theater and have attended many plays and musicals so I found this assignment very exciting. I was lucky to find a good seat that was in the middle of the row, allowing me to have a good view of the entire production. Many times when I have attended shows, I have the experienced issue of a very tall person in front of me blocking my view but luckily, I did not experience this issue. The theater is not very large so it would have been difficult to have a bad seat in this situation. I did not know this story previously so I felt interested in what was to come as the lights dimmed. The location of an event can have a big impact, the close proximity to my dorm made me feel comfortable as I didn't have to worry about transportation and the small size of the theater made it feel as though all of the audience members were sharing the experience. Place has an effect on the good life, if you are with friends and family then you are experiencing the good life but if you are isolated then you will most likely not experience the good life.

The Social Experience: I attended the play with my roommate Ana. I feel as though this have a positive impact on my experience because I felt comfortable being with a friend and I had someone to walk to and from the theater with. If I were alone I may have felt uneasy and insecure as many people attended the show in groups. Also, due to the fact that the play was at night after dark it made the walk to and from the play comfortable. Normally when I attend a show, I dress nice however in this case I did not. I'm not positive why I did that but I am curious if my clothing would have affected my experience. Shared experiences allow us to relate to others. Attending the play with a friend gave me the opportunity to discuss the play during intermission and afterwards, which helped me understand anything that may have been unclear.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt takes place in Quebec City in the early 1900s. The play examines and highlights common issues at the time such as the Progressive Movement in regards to labor restrictions and the role of the Church. I have learned about this era in history classes however, I have always learned about the US Progressive Movement so it was interesting that this was placed in Canada. The play opened my views regarding this era as the movements took place in many different countries, not just the United States. In regards to the church, the play seemed to criticize its role during the time as they had the power to forbid Sarah Bernhardt from performing due to the controversial aspects of the play. I am Jewish and grew up in a predominantly Christian town in South Carolina. This related to my life as I grew up in a place where there is sometimes a lack of respect for those who believe differently just as there is in this play.

The Emotional Experience: The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt gives the audience an opportunity for catharsis as it allows us to examines the issues presented in present-day terms. Our country is values the principles of separation of church and state however, far too often we see religion taking a strong role in certain laws and beliefs. Also, we can recognize that many business owners continue to abuse powers and treat employees without an ounce of respect. Sometimes, we may believe these abuses by industries and churches are something of the past but they are still present today.

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