Class of 2020 Awards

Adedamola Akinola

Herzberg Chemistry Award

Congratulations to Adedamola Akinola for achieving a mark of 100% as his final mark in Chemistry 30. Adedamola exemplifies the Harry Ainaly motto of “in all things excellence”. He is punctual and arrives to class prepared and ready to learn. Adedamola listens intently and does his homework diligently and with a purpose to learn. He asks questions when he needs clarification which happens rarely. Adedamola understands how information integrates from one lesson to another. He is soft spoken, humble, respectful and easy to get to know and like. Adedamola’s interest in science together with his strong work ethic, dedication, maturity and social skills indicates he has a bright future. Students like Adedamola leave a retired teacher assured that the future is in good hands. Mr. Leno Delcioppo

Alexa Watt

Michael Woollett Art Award

To watch Alexa create is like watching a child play with a new toy. You watch her turn the toy around, inspect all of the new knicks and crannies, test out it's durability, texture and impact on the floor. When Alexa started using acrylic and oil paints, she practiced non-stop in her sketchbook, testing the limits and applications of the media before even starting a piece. She enjoyed photographing animals in their natural environment and researching/re-creating animals from prehistoric times. Her sketchbook was constantly full of drawings and media exploration. She has such patience and dedication to her craft and the journey she takes in her own learning. I was so excited to hear that she got into the Fine Arts faculty at MacEwan university. Our world will be so lucky to see and enjoy the beauty that Alexa sees through her eyes! Good luck in your future endeavours, Alexa!

Arshaan Sandhu

Zuberbuhler Physics Award

This award is given out to the student with the highest overall physics mark after blending the in class and diploma results. I am proud to present this award to Arshaan Sandhu. I had the opportunity to teach him for both Physics 20 and Physics 30. He was always passionate about Physics and strived for perfection. Arshaan was able to grasp complex concepts and had an excellent grasp of the subject.

Ayla Sevigny

Meritas de l'Immersion Fracais

This year's recipient of the Meritas d'Immersion Award is Ayla Sevigny. Ayla has contributed many hours to the community, volunteering her time and talents. She was a page at the legislature, using her French daily. She was motivated, and put into action what the goals of immersion truly are. Ayla is a wonderful student that demonstrates what it means to be a French immersion titan. Ayla was a pleasure to work with because he was hard working and passionate about everything he worked on. Félicitations Ayla!

Clarrence Romaguera

G.P. Nicholson Citizenship Award

Harry Ainlay School Trust

Note: The Harry Ainlay School Trust is for community involvement, volunteering and being an ambassador.

This year’s recipient of the Male Citizenship Award and the Harry Ainlay School Trust is someone who has demonstrated all the character traits of a true Titan. Clarrence Romaguera has had a huge impact on both the students and staff at Harry Ainlay. He is the President of the 2020 graduation committee. His leadership contributed to the success of this event, even with all the changes that had to be made due to COVID-19. Clarrence took into account the voices of the Grade 12 student population to ensure that the 2020 Virtual Commencement Ceremony would be a fabulous celebration for all. He is a student that always has a friendly attitude and will provide guidance and support when needed. Inside the classroom, Clarrence has always been a very passionate and engaged learner; he is not only motivated to succeed but wishes for his peers to strive as well. It has been a pleasure to have collaborated with Clarrence in the school, and we know he will be successful in whatever he chooses to do in the future.

Devanshi Joshi

Dr. Kenman Gan Scholarship for Volunteer leadership (Corecipient)

This volunteer leadership scholarship is the newest Graduation Commencement Award, an endowment that has been generously established by Ainlay Alumnus, Dr. Kenman Gan. The scholarship goes to students who demonstrated outstanding qualities of leadership and exemplary character at Harry Ainlay. These students are respected by both the staff and students at Harry Ainlay and are well-known for being cooperative, courteous, reliable, and trustworthy. These students have shown initiative and leadership that has significantly impacted both the school and the community. Upon graduation, they will remain actively engaged in volunteer work and participate in various community service opportunities. Congratulations Devanshi!

Divsimar Virk

Fine Arts Award

Maia Reinking Art Award

Divsimar exemplifies dedication and passion for the visual arts through his interaction with his peers, the quality of his work and his desire to grow as an artist while on his journey. Divsimar’s art demonstrates mastery learning and practice as well as deep thought and meaning. Most of Divsimar’s work is hyper realism, but he also enjoys challenging himself with an assortment of media and subject matter. I am in awe of him every time I watch him work and complete a piece.

Elishba Jamal

Harry Ainlay Biology Award

Elishba is an intelligent and motivated student, consistently looking for deeper understanding in how biological processes work and the interconnections that form the basis of anatomy. She was always engaged in class, asked insightful questions and diligently researched further to allow for exceptional understanding of the content; her efforts are rewarded today in this accolade. Elishba was a pleasure to teach and excels due to her work ethic and passion to understand the 'why' of Biology, going beyond the simple mechanics and pursuing a deep understanding of the process. Congratulations Elishba!

Emma Langstrom

W.O. McLean Trophy to the Most Outstanding Female Athlete

Our Female award recipient has been a joy to watch in her sports. She is a tireless worker who has tremendous passion and drive. She has a terrific commitment to her sport, self-control, and discipline. Her work ethic rubs off on others and inspires many of her teammates to do better. We are very happy to award Emma Langstrom as the WO Maclean award winner for this year!

Eric Gehlert

W.O. McLean Trophies to Outstanding Male Athlete

This year’s award winner is a multi-sport athlete who has played on numerous teams during his time as a Titan. He embodies what it means to be a Titan as he always represents our school with class, and sportsmanship. He has a quiet confidence and leads by example on the court and field. A true competitor who has been a key contributor on multiple city championship teams. We are very happy to have had this young man in our programs over the last three years. He recently received the Metro Athletics Male Athlete of the Year, a terrific accomplishment, we would like to congratulate Eric Gehlert and wish him best of luck in the future.

Evelyn Cerezke-Riemer

Technical Theatre Award

The recipient of the Technical Theatre 30 award must have demonstrated, over a significant period of time, dedication to the promotion of technical theatre in our school and in the community, an exceptional commitment to the mentorship program, and a desire to help fellow students.Evelyn joined the Technical Theatre department early in her high school career and quickly became invaluable to the department. She trained in several aspects of Technical Theatre and decided to focus on Lighting Design; taking over the position of Head of Lighting in her grade 11 year. Her commitment, creativity and knowledge are truly impressive. Her outstanding commitment and gentle way of guiding ensured the smooth running of her department and a welcoming learning environment for the new technical students she mentored. Over the last 3 years, she has logged countless hours as a technician, a student leader and a mentor, working on a variety of extracurricular projects. Her leadership, knowledge and skills ensured that these often intricate events always ran smoothly. She demonstrated an extremely professional attitude and was a wonderful role model for the new technical students that she mentored. As a senior student, she was required to train apprentices to create a teaching and learning environment. She took on this teaching role in grade 11 and excelled with this responsibility. She mentored a number of new students for the 2018 and 2019 One Act festivals as well as the Main stage Production. Evelyn will always have a place in the Harry Ainlay theatre and the crew will miss her very much. She is an exceptional individual with a bright future ahead.

Gabriel Horn

German Second Language Award (Corecipient)

Gabriel started German in grade 10 as a beginner. He worked very hard and was in the top of his class in each of his 3 years. Gabe also took part in the 3-Month exchange with Hessen and lived with his partner’s family and attended a German school. Gabe felt very at home there and excelled both in his German skills and at school.

Gabrielle LaRue

Spanish Second Language Award

In languages, it is always very rewarding to work with students who are truly passionate about language learning. This is especially true when those students avidly channel their energy and dynamism into everything they do in the classroom. Throughout her three years at Harry Ainlay, she demonstrated an excellent commitment in all facets of language learning. Even in the face of adversity and unforeseen change, she completed each year with a perfect standing. It is an honour and an immense pleasure to name Gabrielle LaRue as this year’s Spanish Language Award.

Grace Schimke

German Second Language Award (Corecipient)

Grace Schimke comes from a German background, but that didn’t stop her from working extremely hard to maintain her honours standing in each of her 3 years in German. Grace has a great sense of humour and it often surfaced in skits, classroom discussions and writing assignments. Grace will always be remembered for enthusiasm for the language and attention to detail.

Hanna Kang

Premier Citizenship Award

Note: This award is to commend outstanding Albertan students for service to their communities.

Hanna has an out-going personality, a strong work ethic, and her communicative skills are truly exemplary. Hanna not only is able to maintain Honours with Distinction standing at Harry Ainlay, but she is also very involved in many extra curricular activities, both within the school and throughout the community. Her excellent organizational skills and time management allow her to successfully balance her hectic schedules. Her writing skills are exceptional as her voice is expressed with confidence and cleverness. Within her essays, she explores both the human experiences embedded within the texts themselves alongside the craft employed by its writers. Hanna has a dominant presence in class; she continuously contributes to class discussions and challenges her fellow classmates to think critically through her many oral presentations. Last year, Hanna was part of the Harry Ainlay Student Council, in which she organized and participated in several events that brought the student body together closer at school. She is currently on the Graduation Executive Committee responsible for Publicity and Fundraising, providing important information to the graduating class. Even in social isolation, Hanna continues to persevere ensuring that the graduation ceremony, although now presented virtually, will be a success. She was also a Breaking Down the Walls Group Leader, in which she led activities that broke down emotional/psychological barriers between participants. Through this experience, she was able to encourage individuals to break out of their comfort zones, further supporting the safe, friendly, inclusive and supportive environment at Harry Ainlay. As a Link Crew Executive Member, she organized activities and trained Group Leaders for Grade 10 orientation, which introduced and welcomed the brand new Titans to high school life. With future aspirations in Public Health, Hanna also represented Denmark for the High School Model United Nations’ World Health Organization Committee this year; she debated topics regarding the International Opioid Crisis and sexual health education. Her passions for global health awareness inspired her to fundraise for the MS Society for the last two years. As a Millennium STEM Alberta Communications Board Representative, Hanna coordinated the design, marketing, outreach and ambassador programs, encouraging youth to develop interdisciplinary skills in STEM. In addition to her volunteering, Hanna is a member of Hanbeat Samulnori, a Korean Drumming Group in which she is able to share her love for rhythm and music in the community. She also performed with her band at the opening ceremonies of Harry Ainlay’s annual basketball tournament, Tri-Prov 2020.

Heet Kothari

Class of 2020 Valedictorian

It gives us great pleasure to announce that this year’s class of 2020 Valedictorian is Heet Kothari. Throughout high school, Heet has consistently achieved marks in the top 1% of his class. He also has enjoyed helping others. For example, he acted as a Link Crew leader, guiding new students to discover what it takes to be successful during the transition to high school. He regularly lives his values of promoting peace and nonviolent action by volunteering for the Ghandi Foundation and the Jain Youths of Edmonton. He invests in our city’s people and environment by participating in Root for Trees, Edmonton’s tree planting initiative and volunteering for Athletics Alberta with officials to ensure athletes are prepared to enter the track in their respective races. Whenever Heet goes to a grocery store, he remembers remember to donate a couple of food items to the Food Bank. When he outgrows his clothes, he donates them to the local Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. Heet not only has set a high standard for himself academically but also as a responsible and active member of his community and truly embodies what it means to be a Harry Ainlay Titan! Congratulations to this year’s class of 2020 valedictorian, Heet Kothari!

Isabel Wynn

French Language Arts Award

This year’s recipient for the French Language Arts Award is Isabel Wynn. She has been an amazing model for all French Immersion students by speaking in French during classes, signing O Canada for our French Immersion Celebration and participating as a leader in Franco 7 a day to immersing junior high students in French culture. It is also important to note that as a student in the French immersion program, Isabel has demonstrated an outstanding capacity to reflect, write and talk about these issues in a second language. Isabel speaks clearly and eloquently about her conclusions and responds to questions in a thoughtful way. She is passionate about reading, writing, and creative expression, both in and out of the classroom. I can think of no one more deserving of this award.

Isabella Strelkov

The Menzies English Award

Isabella has thoroughly displayed that hard work does, in fact, pay off. Throughout English 30, she consistently worked at refining her writing, and set an outstanding example for her peers and table mates. Her dedication to excellence resulted in her achieving top marks on the diploma exam, and a blended mark of 93%. It is also worth noting that Isabella consistently asked for feedback on her writing, and took constructive criticism graciously. One of her many strengths was the ability to pull insight out of subtleties in text, which always made her writing exciting to read. I have no doubt that Isabella will achieve excellence in any field that she puts her mind to, and her ability to speak and write with eloquence will only further her success. She was a pleasure to have in class, and I can only hope that I can have the privilege of working with others that have Isabella’s wordsmanship and natural ability.

Devan Larson

Jaeeun Joh

Harry Ainlay Graduate Merit Scholarship

Note: This award is to recognize the achievements of an outstanding student who has overcome adversity and demonstrates good character

French Second Language Award

The Harry Ainlay Graduate Merit Scholarship was established by the Graduation Class of 2007 and has been supported by each Graduation Class since then to assist Grade 12 students who have overcome adversity, have shown outstanding character in our school, and will be attending a post-secondary institution this fall. Jaeeun has demonstrated integrity and perseverance in the face of hardships and still is able to exhibit the character virtues that we value at Harry Ainlay. Congratulations Jaeeun for being the Graduate Merit Scholarship Award winner this year!

Jasper Bablitz

Design Studies Award

Jasper Bablitz is the winner of the Design Studies award for the 2019-2020 school year. He demonstrated a strong commitment towards his learning and achieved commendable growth in his creative skills. During the first half of the semester, Jasper worked hard to learn a variety of skills covered in Design Studies, including 3-D rendering, architecture, and 2-D graphics. He made incredible designs, and this achievement is even more impressive because Jasper was discovering and using design applications for the first time. Despite the extremely challenging situation that emerged due to COVID-19, and the switch to distance learning, Jasper continued to work hard in each of his assigned tasks and continued to grow in his skills with the use of design apps and programs. By the end of the year, Jasper had a strong and diverse portfolio that reflected the hard work and dedication he had in his Design Studies education.

Juriana Palaruan

Japanese Language Award

Juriana has a passion for Japanese and has worked diligently at learning Japanese right from grade 7. She not only achieved excellent marks in class, she also participated in the Alberta Japanese speech contest where she placed second in the intermediate category, a category for participants who are communicating beyond a Japanese 30 level. Juriana also committed herself to supporting Japanese at Harry Ainlay high school by being a leader for our Explore Japan festival, supporting our Japanese student Friendship club and volunteering every year for Open House.

Justin Mah

Harry D. Ainlay Trophy to the Outstanding Male

Academic Excellence Award

From the outset of Grade 10, Justin has demonstrated his enthusiasm for learning as a high school student. He understands what it takes to develop the strong academic skills and attitudes that would pave his way into post-secondary education. Justin is polite, modest, and a source of encouragement and inspiration both to his peers and staff at Harry Ainlay. He is a genial individual to be around, consistently reflecting the character values of honesty, integrity, responsibility and respect – values of our Titan community. He pursues his vision with an inquisitive, focused, and teachable nature. Justin’s high school academic average is in the top 1% of his class. Remarkably, Justin has managed his time well to meet the demands of successfully completing a full IB course load. Outside of school studies, Justin expresses what a well-rounded individual does: He engages in our community by volunteering within and outside of the school environment, for organizations such as the Mustard Seed, Santa’s Anonymous and numerous Lions Club projects. He also instructs Taekwondo, plays the violin and flute, and has developed language skills in Mandarin, Spanish, and German. Through his pursuit and dedication to these varied activities, Justin has cultivated a wide array of skills and attitudes, making him an exemplary young man who shows compassion for others in the community.

Katia Youssef

Harry Ainlay International Baccalaureate Scholarship

Katia Youssef is very deserving of this year’s Harry Ainlay IB Scholarship. As a Full-IB Diploma student, she was able to maintain Honors with Distinction standing while balancing her volunteer work within the school and in the community. Katia is a creative, dedicated, and conscientious student. Her classmates view her as a strong, kind, determined leader. Her teachers say that she is insightful, empathetic, and always willing to persevere. Over the last few years at Harry Ainlay, Katia had a principal role in a one-act play called Lucy in the Sky, in which she debuted her acting skills; she is also a very talented painter, who has been expanding her skills as a portrait artist. Katia was a member of the Student Council, in which she organized and participated in many of the events, such as Culture Fest, that celebrated the strength of our diversity at Ainlay. Some of her other leadership roles include participating in Awards Board, Link Crew, Tournament of the Titans, and TVT. Last fall, she was chosen to be one of the masters of ceremonies for the school’s Remembrance Day Ceremony, speaking in front of hundreds of students and staff members about reflecting on the importance of this day. We wish Katia all the best in her future endeavours — we are confident she will find success in anything she chooses to pursue. Congratulations, Katia!

Katie Siddoway

Career and Life Pathways Award

Katie is an excellent student: curious, thoughtful, and thorough. In grade 10, she applied for, and was appointed to, the position of school representative for the CPA High School Ambassador Program. She also was a finalist in the 2018 Dragons’ Nest, a city-wide competition for high school students interested in entrepreneurship. She presented her business idea to a jury of prominent Edmonton business people and received encouraging feedback. In grade 11, Katie was a leading force on the team that won 1st place in the 2019 MacEwan University High School Business Challenge. In grade 12, Katie also volunteered to lead and mentor one of the 2020 teams but the competition was cancelled due to the pandemic. She has left her legacy in the school as a co-founder of the Harry Ainlay Business Club. Congratulations Katie!

Kritika Taparia

Stanley G. Deane Trophy to the Outstanding Female

Governor General's Academic Medal

note: The Governor General's Academic Medal is for the highest overall academic average during three years of high school.

Raymond L. Webb Memorial Scholarship

Note: The Raymond L. Webb Memorial Scholarship is for the highest mark in Social Studies.

Harry Ainlay School Trust

Note: The Harry Ainlay School Trust is for community involvement, volunteering and being an ambassador.

Kritika Taparia has displayed exemplary leadership, character, and excellence throughout her time at Harry Ainlay. She is a motivated and self-driven young woman, who took every opportunity she could at Ainlay to participate in school activities and create a better school culture. Kritika took leadership roles in Student Council, Link Crew, Helping Hampers, TVT, Harry Ainlay Handball Cup, Graduation Committee, and the EPSB Student Senate. In addition to her immense participation in extracurricular activities, she maintained honours with distinction in the full IB program and twice represented Harry Ainlay at ASAA Badminton Provincials. She has a deep level of commitment, ensuring that whatever she takes on is done to the highest degree. Kritika is a very positive person who displays a strong level of empathy and kindness to the people around her. She is always ready to lend a helping hand and is often the first to volunteer her time. Her active participation in creating a better school community and her embodiment of the motto Character Counts sets her apart as truly outstanding. Congratulations Kritika.

Lyn Song

Larry Schrum Jazz Award

It is a pleasure to announce that the recipient of the 2020 Larry Schrum Jazz Award is Lyn Song. Throughout her three years in the music program, Lyn was active as the principal euphonium player in the Symphonic Band and also became the lead trombonist in Jazz “A” in her grade twelve year. Always a smile on her face and an offer to help in any way that she could made her a friend of everyone in the ensembles. Lyn was active in Jazz Combos and even tried her hand at arranging jazz charts for the combos she played in. Music became a very important part of Lyn’s school life and we know that she will continue to use her musical talents in the years to come.

MacKenzie Sermet

The Pat Baker in Omnibus Excelsior Award

The Pat Baker Award honours a Grade 12 student who has displayed exemplary leadership, character, and commitment for not just their grade 12 year, but based on all three years of high school. Mackenzie Sermet is an individual who demonstrates and displays what it means to be a true Titan. Mackenzie not only maintains honours with distinction in the partial IB program and French Immersion Program, but her talent is also evident through her involvement in both extracurricular activities at Ainlay and her commitments outside of school. She is a motivated and self-driven young woman, who took every opportunity she could at Ainlay to participate in school activities and display her leadership skills. Mackernzie was an invaluable member of the 2020 Graduation Council as a Commencement Co-Chair. She was an integral part of planning and executing large events at Ainlay such as TVT and Tri-Prov. Her organization and attention to detail make working with her fun and easy. During her time at Ainlay, she took every opportunity to assist around the school and in the community. Mackenzie embodies the motto Character Counts. She is dedicated, responsible and hard working. Congratulations Mackenzie, on receiving the Pat Baker Award for the 2019-2020 school year.

Madison May

Curricular Drama Award

Madison May is one of those students you will never forget. She has her hand in very many different pies in the theatre world. Her passion grew in writing and in grade 10 she joined Young Company’s writing group. She would end up writing her first play to be performed at Nextfest during the summer after grade 10. She would go on to write two more plays for Nextfest and they were performed on line. Not only is Mad a writer she is also an actor and a stage manager. Madi acted in Noises off in her grade 11 year and Poof for the one act festival. Poof was selected to go to cities and did very well. When Madi entered grade eleven she directed the play Matt and Ben. This play was also selected to go to Cities last year however due to Covid 19 this was unable to occur. As I have said Madi had her hand in many pies in the theatre world and Improvisation was no different. She was the Co-Captain of our team and we went on to do some of the best work we have done in years. Madi was heavily involved with the technical theatre class and was a mentor to all the new and up and coming grade 10 and 11’s. She taught the new students with patience and comedy. I will miss her music and her dance parties in the theatre. I will always remember you Madi May. (And Eric)

Moaz Abdelmonem

Math, Science and Technology Award

Moaz embodies the characteristics of a great scientist and student; he is intelligent, inquisitive and perseverant. Moaz worked to truly understand the scientific content he was learning, and was not satisfied until he learned it fully. He was more than willing to help other students whenever they struggled and always did so with encouragement and a smile. Moaz’s exemplary work ethic is evident in all that he does, whether it is in school, caring for his siblings or working at his job. For these reasons, we are pleased to award Moaz with the Division Math, Science and Technologies Award.

Nathella Pasula

The Oliver Lantz Science 30 Award

The recipient of this year's Oliver Lantz Science Award is an exceptionally dedicated, motivated, and hard working student. Her Science 30 mark is a direct reflection of the effort that she put into their learning. Through her perseverance and effort, she developed an excellent working knowledge of science and its relationship to technologies and society. She was able to identify and analyze problems, and developed skills and attitudes that will be useful to her as a lifelong learner. She was never afraid to ask questions and help her peers when they needed it most. It was an absolute pleasure to have this student in Science 30 class. Congratulations to this year's Oliver Lantz Science award recipient, Nathella Pasula!

Neil Roy Choudhury

Communication Technologies Award

Neil's creative vision along with his exceptional work ethic make him a very deserving recipient of the Communication Technology Award. He competed in Skills Alberta video production, created videos for school assemblies, and was one of the masterminds behind the Class of 2020 Grad Historians video production. Not only is Neil extremely talented, he also demonstrates exceptional character. He is polite, positive, and truly is the type of person one wants on one's team. Fantastic work, Neil. Congratulations!

Nour Abdelhakim

G.P. Nicholson Citizenship Award

Nour is a hard-working and self-motivated individual, who strives for excellence in all aspects of her life. While Nour has managed to maintain a high academic standard, she also finds the time to apply herself in many extra-curricular opportunities. During her time at Harry Ainay, Nour was a member of the Student Senate and served as our Student Council President. She organized events such as the Welcome Back BBQ, Touch of Class, and a member of the Community Helper Program. Nour is a person of outstanding character and a leader in both our school and surrounding community. She is an exceptional individual who has a natural ability to lead, inspire, and is well respected by her peers and teachers. Congratulations, Nour for winning the Citizenship Award.

Paige Christensen

Dr. Kenman Gan Scholarship for Volunteer leadership (Corecipient)

This volunteer leadership scholarship is the newest Graduation Commencement Award, an endowment that has been generously established by Ainlay Alumnus, Dr. Kenman Gan. The scholarship goes to students who demonstrated outstanding qualities of leadership and exemplary character at Harry Ainlay. These students are respected by both the staff and students at Harry Ainlay and are well-known for being cooperative, courteous, reliable, and trustworthy. These students have shown initiative and leadership that has significantly impacted both the school and the community. Upon graduation, they will remain actively engaged in volunteer work and participate in various community service opportunities. Congratulations Paige!

Quang Minh Luu

W.O McLean Mathematics Award

Note: For highest combined score in Math 30 and Math 31

Minh was certainly interested in learning mathematics. His awesome work ethic and study habits showed that interest with marvelous clarity! Even the questions he asked were an indication that he thought deeply about not only why the math worked in a given situation, but how it could be applied in different situations. Minh had the respect of his peers as one who was both kind and helpful. Always smiling, Minh's math abilities were exemplary and almost as good as his character. Minh was easy to talk to, great to be around, and had an uplifting personality.

Raeann Wintoniak

Dr. Kenman Gan Scholarship for Volunteer leadership (Corecipient)

This volunteer leadership scholarship is the newest Graduation Commencement Award, an endowment that has been generously established by Ainlay Alumnus, Dr. Kenman Gan. The scholarship goes to students who demonstrated outstanding qualities of leadership and exemplary character at Harry Ainlay. These students are respected by both the staff and students at Harry Ainlay and are well-known for being cooperative, courteous, reliable, and trustworthy. These students have shown initiative and leadership that has significantly impacted both the school and the community. Upon graduation, they will remain actively engaged in volunteer work and participate in various community service opportunities. Congratulations Raeann! 

Samuel Bennett

Co-curricular Drama Award

This young man came into my drama room and his quiet and calm demeanor gained the respect of everyone in the room. Sam is always willing to step in when help was needed and he liked to challenge himself emotionally and physically. The characters he portrayed on the stage covered the gambit of characters. Sam made me so proud of how he looked at the world and took it on. He seemed fearless and for this everyone loved and wanted to work with him. Sam, in his first year took on “Leader of the Pack”, “21 Chump Street” and “Zoo Story”. These are all challenging rolls. In his second year he tackled the mainstage farce “Noises Off” and had the audience in stiches. He then was asked to step in for “Gruesome Playground Injuries” changing the roll from a girl to a guy and it was such an amazing performance. So very believable. In Sam’s last year he decided to act and to direct for the one act festival. He directed The Baited Blade and was chosen as the runner up for Cities. He was also cast in “Dead”, and he again played a new character to him. He was amazing and “Dead was also chosen to go to Cities. Unfortunately due to Covid 19 Cities and provincials were cancelled. I know that he would have gone on to provincials. He has the courage of a lion and yet is so kind, generous and gentle to everyone around him. He is a reader of all books and listener of CBC radio and I will miss him very much.

Sophia de Borja

Fred Merrett Outstanding Musician Award

It is a pleasure to announce that the recipient of the 2020 Fred Merrett Outstanding Musician Award is Sophia de Borja. Over the three years in the music program Sophia has developed into an outstanding young musician. Along with her wonderful personality, Sophia’s strong work ethic, determination and innate talent blossomed in her grade twelve year. Sophia became the principal trumpet in our Symphonic Band, the highest-level ensemble in the music program. She also took over the lead trumpet chair in the top jazz band, Jazz “A”. Towards the end of her grade twelve year Sophia decided that she would like to pursue a career in music and is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Music program at the University of Alberta. Congratulations and best wishes in your future musical endeavors.

Srishti Prayag

Dr. E.A. Mitchner Award

Note: The Dr. E.A. Mitchner award is for the highest overall average in the International Baccalaureate program.

Schulich Leader Scholarship

Note: The Schulich Leader Scholarship is for a student exhibiting academic excellence and leadership and who is entering the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics.

The Dr. E.A. Mitchner Award is presented annually to the IB Diploma Student who has attained the highest combined score in the IB Diploma Programme.

Sydney Mallett

The Harry Ainlay Scholarship

Note: The Harry Ainlay Scholarship is for a student who has the character of a Titan and is entering the field of education.

The Health and Wellness Award

Sydney is a remarkably genuine and caring young woman. She was an absolute pleasure to have in class. Not only did she work very hard to maintain very high marks, but she was also able to hold meaningful and engaging conversations with both her peers and her teachers. Her strong work ethic and nurturing personality will undoubtedly make her a great asset to the teaching profession. Sydney has been a model of outstanding leadership in Athletics and Physical Education. She was a key part of the Women’s Basketball Program as well as an exceptional Physical Education student over her three years at Ainlay. She was always an encouragement to her teammates and classmates alike. She was able to balance the challenges of being a student athlete while maintaining excellent grades. She is a model citizen who truly cares about others and she will undoubtedly continue her commitment to a career as an educator at the University of Alberta focussing in Elementary Education.

Valp Garcia

Fashion Studies Award

The Fashion Studies award winner for this year is Valp Garcia. Valp has achieved honors this year in Fashion Studies and demonstrated exceptional talent in design and garment construction. Valp has a positive work ethic, an incredible eye for detail and continuously produced exceptional projects. Valp took pride in his work and completed many advanced projects. He showed great patience, thinking through each project and executing the design and construction with perfection. Valp plans to pursue a career in the fashion industry where he can utilize his creativity, design and production skills.

Yushan Chou

The Humanities Award

As a grade 10 student, in the first year of high school, Yushan's eloquent expression and language sensitivity, which allowed her to create powerful analyses of the literature read in class were impressive. Over the years, Yushan has honed her communication skills, and her interests in the humanities have deepened. Testament to her development and growth is her History extended essay, researching the advent of Christianity on the religious harmony in ancient Rome. Her dedication and hard work culminated in a paper that both her supervisor and she were proud of. Yushan is perceptive, caring, and appreciative of the complex and paradoxical nature of human beings.

Zach Harle

Harry Ainlay Physical Education Award

Zach Harle was an exceptional Physical Education student. He demonstrated quiet leadership skills through his example in class. He was always supportive of his classmates and he never took a class off. His work ethic was second to none. He was a true Titan in every sense of the word. Well done Zach and congratulations! Mr. Labrentz