Impact of Heat Add Insulation

Keeping heat in the house: adding insulation.

The physical changes are ripping cotton from the plant since insulation can be made from cotton. Also weaving the silk is in the process of turning cotton into insulation.

The chemical changes are Buning special sand to make glass is a step and mixing oxidation and pyrolysis. When you mix those two things it makes poison gas to keep the cold air out.

How will it affect the society positively? Well insulation will take up less space which can make lots of space for you and your family. There are also ways insulation can affect negatively. The insulation contains poisonous gases, when you breathe in too much of these gas, it can cause illness or even death.

There is also positives and negatives that can affect the environment. Lets start with the positives. One positive affects are that the glass is is recyclable. The glass will not be in the landfill which is great. The negatives are that there are poisonous gases. The problem is that the air can get polluted and it will eventually affect us.

This is a photo of insulation glass
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