Life Through Developmental Mapping Allison R. Turner

My father's sperm has just penetrated the cell wall of my mother's egg cell. The two simple cells combined into a single cell and became diverse.
It has been 2 weeks since conception and I have evolved from the small cell into a humanoid blob of cells. My small body resembles one of a mature Saipan, with limbs, fingers, toes, and eyes. I have even developed internal organs, though they are nonfunctional.
I've lost track of time inside but I believe it's been between 9 and 31 weeks since conception. I have a functioning heart, a developed brain, and can feel pain. But my lungs aren't fully developed yet.
Today, after 40 weeks, I became too large for my uterary home and came out to the sound of cheers and scream. I notice I look very similar to the people that keep calling themselves "mom" and "dad" but I don't act like them. I can't comprehend most of the things they say, I can't talk, or even hold myself up. When something brushes my cheek I turn to look and I love grabbing everything I can touch. I also enjoy watching my big toe move.
It's been a few years since I first saw the world and oh, how things have changed! What started as incomprehensible babbling has become talking. I no longer struggling to hold myself up and have even gotten the hang of walking
The worst time of anyone's life- between the ages of 12 and 18. My endocrine and limbic system have been functioning with full power. Physically, I have been growing body hair in weird places, started menstruating, and have been dealing with growing pains in my chest. Emotionally has been even worse. Some hormones seem to be rarely there while others are overflowing. The boys also seem have the same mental state as 3rd graders.
Old Age
It has been exactly 115 years and 9 months since my parents first conceived me. Over the years, I have graduated as valedictorian, gained 3 doctorate degrees, won 2 Nobel Prizes, negotiated peace in the Middle East, had a hit song stay number #1 on the charts for 3 months and have single handily solved the problems of climate change and world hunger. Because of these high accomplishments, I have skipped the denial, anger, bargaining, and depressive phases of death and have come to accept death as an old friend that I can call on (though I have forgotten most of my old friends names and can't figure out modern technology).

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