Preparing for Tests

For this self designed exhibit I practiced using the 5-day test prep method to get ready for my chemistry exam.

This shows the guidelines for using the test preparation method

Saturday, 25th: 1 hour studying sections 3.0-3.4

Sunday, 26th: 1 hour studying 3.5-3.8 / 30 minute review of sections 3.0-3.4

Monday, 27th: 45 minutes studying 3.9-4.3 / 30 minute review of sections 3.5-3.8 / 15 minute review of 3.0-3.4

Tuesday, 28th: 30 minutes studying 4.4-4.10 / review 3.9-3.10 for 30 minutes / Review 3.0-3.8 for 15 minutes

Wednesday, 29th: 30 minute review of 4.4-4.10 / review 3.0-4.3 for 15 minutes

It feels like this method has worked for me so far. I still have the last day to work on studying. It hasn't been overwhelming, since I'm only putting in 1.5 hours at the most. It isn't too long of working on one thing, and I like how I have set times to move onto different topics, so that I don't get bogged down whenever I am working on one particular section. Will write more after last day, and get grades back.


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