Good Life Performance Mason Strickland

Spatial Experience

We took this picture at the entrance to the theater. I really liked the theater. I liked that it was new and it wasn't overly big. It was big enough to have a lot of people in the theater but small enough to where the size wasn't overwhelming and people weren't m The theater had the traditional box office and even had pit seating at the front which was cool. Our seats where perfect. We got there early enough to sit in the second row on the right side so we got to see the actors right in front of us. The importance of place in a good life lets one get comfortable and have a relaxing experience.

Social Experience

I attended the performance with all three of my roommates. We got ready for the performance and we all "scooted" there on our scooters. I liked going to the performance with my friends because I felt like it loosened up the environment. We also discussed what was going on during the intermission to clear up any questions we had about the first half. Shared experiences give you social enrichment and happiness toward the good life.

Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The central issue addressed in the story is the division between the rich and the poor. The main family has a son who they send off to school to become a priest while his mother and brother work tirelessly in a factory which two kids were recently killed in it's dangerous conditions. In high school I took history courses which gave me a little background knowledge on the industrial revolution which seemed to be around the time this play took place. The play only reinforced my opinions on the injustices of this time period. Thankfully, life has improved from this time period but it makes me thankful for the life that I've been given.

The Emotional Experience

The performance showed kartharis through Sarah Bernhardt. Through most of the story she lives the superstar life. She is under the impression that everyone is below her and loves her. She fantasizes the division between the rich and the poor as if it's not that bad to be poor at this point in history. At the end of the play she finds out how life really is for the poor and uses her status to advance everyones knowledge of this huge issue.

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