Star Board - Term Four Week Seven St Matthew's Collegiate School Weekly News

Principal's Message

Kia ora koutou

Supporting New Zealand’s COVID-19 response

We are getting close to the end of the school year, and what a year it has been. COVID-19 has put a lot of pressure on our community but together, we have risen to the challenge.

I want to thank you once more, for all you have done to keep yourselves, your whānau and our community as safe as possible. Through reinforcing good hand hygiene, cough and sneeze etiquette, staying away if sick and seeking medical advice, we have kept operating safely, and our tamariki and rangatahi have, importantly, continued to learn.

I also extend a specific thank you to all those in our community who have worked in health services and on the frontline to support New Zealand’s defence against COVID-19. They and their families and whānau have sacrificed so much to contribute to our own safety and to support the return home for more than 70,000 New Zealanders.

You may not be aware of the extent of the work our frontline community do to keep us all safe including regularly being tested, constantly monitoring for symptoms, keeping a close track of their movements, maintaining physical distancing and holding off hugging loved ones when they get home until they have had a shower and changed clothes.

COVID-19 remains a tricky virus and on the very rare occasion a frontline worker has become infected, the system has kicked into place. Through this vigilance and the health system response, we get to enjoy the relative freedom of Alert Level 1.

I am sure you will join me in giving a special thank you to those individuals for all they have done for us.

Free Measles, Mumps and Rubella Vaccine

I feel like I am a tad focused on viruses, so my apologies for that. These last two years have highlighted the need to ensure our whānau and communities are safe from infectious diseases. Measles is about eight times more contagious than COVID-19, and last year’s outbreak is a reminder of just how quickly it can spread among unimmunised people. While we cannot vaccinate against COVID-19 yet, we can protect against other infectious diseases like measles by being immunised.

Teenagers and young adults aged 15-30 are at greater risk of catching and spreading measles, as they are less likely to have been immunised as children.

District health boards (DHB) are leading a campaign targeting this age group for their free Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine. Students aged 16 or over can give consent themselves.

Leaders 2021

It seems a lifetime ago that this year 12 group applied for and addressed the school about their capacity to lead the school next year.

I draw particular attention to the fact that each is aware that they could get a role but that there is also a chance that they will not.

When the candidates addressed the school, each spoke to their qualities and skills as a potential leader. The majority acknowledged that those who had applied would be worthy and that if they did not secure a role then they would support those who did. Not one of them gave the impression nor stated ‘If I am not selected as a leader, I will toss my toys’. Of course, nobody enters a race to lose. In an interview you are unlikely to hear this:

Interviewer: So how do you think you will go in the 200m sprint. What are you hoping for?

Runner: Well I am really hoping to come 6th.

The more likely and perhaps what I have come to expect of our girls:

Interviewer: So how do you think you will go in the 200m sprint. What are you hoping for?

Runner: Of course, I would like to be in the top placings, but we have all worked hard for this. Getting this far has been an achievement, so when the race comes, I am wanting to do my best time.

The potential leaders will be interviewed and then they will be told if they have secured a role and what that role will be. Some will miss out.

Despite them saying they will support their peers, those who miss out will be gutted. You as parents and friends will rally and the school will support them. This moment in time is not a defining moment it is a refining moment.

I thank every year 12 who has made themselves available for consideration for leadership.

Ngā mihi


Dragon's Den judges from left, Mr Doug Davidson, Mr Alistair Plimmer (Board), Mrs Gill, Mrs Sarah Harris (Board)

Around School This Week

Emma Kitchingman (Year 10) makes the finishing touches to her dress for the ballroom dancing social.
On Wednesday night the Years 9 and 10 students had their final ballroom session with a formal social. Many thanks to Mr Davidson for organising these series of sessions, and to the staff who came along to supervise and support.
The Year 10 food and Nutrition students display their completed gingerbread houses.

Cross Curriculum Projects

This week the Years 7/8 and Year 9 girls have been involved in 'Cross Curriculum Projects'. For Years 7/8 this involved Mathematics, Food and Nutrition and Art. In groups they made chocolate and packaged the goods to be presented in front of a 'Dragon's Den', who included Mrs Gill, Mr Davidson and invited Board of Trustees members, Mrs Sarah Harris and Mr Alistair Plimmer.

The Year 9 girls have worked on a our school website to produce detailed information for new girls on how SMS runs. They have covered all aspects of school life, including interviews, videos and images of the school. This will be able to be viewed by new girls and families thinking of sending their daughters to SMS. The Year 9 girls also presented their information to the school at the end of the week.

From left top, the judges taste the chocolate offered by groups. Top right, the winning packaging 'Flora and Fauna', and bottom, winning team the Ompalompas (Sophia Williams, India Bartlett, Amelia Huggins, Lucy Didsbury) are presented with their certificate by our Board Chair, Mrs Sarah Harris.
Year 9 student Rachael Clouston and Eve Tomlin creating their promotional material for new students.

Coming Up on the Calendar

Week 8 Term Four

Monday 30 November - Whanau Time, Junior Timetable Running

Tuesday 1 December - Prefect Interviews, Regional Primary Athletics, Junior Timetable Ends

Wednesday 2 December - Whanau Picnics, Arts Extravaganza

Thursday 3 December - Cultural Rehearsals for EOY events, Junior Activities, Boarders' Christmas Party

Friday 4 December - Last day for non-NCEA students, EOY event rehearsals, Final Assembly 1pm, Carol Service 6pm

Saturday 5 December - Leavers' Breakfast 8.30am, SMS Prizegiving 12pm (Wairarapa College)

Wednesday 9 December - NCEA Exams Finish - 2020 school year closes

School Notices

Programme for Last Day of School - Friday 4 December

On Friday 4 December we welcome all students back to school for end of year events preparation. All girls are required to attend. Below is a link to a programme for this day.

Uniform Shop

THE LAST OPENING FOR THE UNIFORM SHOP for this year is next Tuesday 1st December 3pm - 4pm. The shop is NOT open on Thursday 3rd Dec.

The shop will then reopen for appointments from the 18th of January, email Juliet: smcsuniforms@trinityschools.nz

Dates for the End of the Year

Below are end of year dates:

Wednesday December 2 - Whanau House Picnics (various locations)

Thursday December 3 - School Activity Day and Rehearsals - Choir, Orchestra and Jazz Band will be in rehearsals. Remaining students will be doing activities with staff. Girls need to come to school in uniform, change into PE gear once here. They need to be prepared to get wet as we have ordered a giant water slide (and a gladiator apparatus)! They also need to bring a towel, hat, and sunscreen.

Thursday December 3 - Activity Day, End of Year Rehearsals (Choirs, Orchestra), Boarder's Christmas Party 6pm

Friday December 4 - Final Assembly 1pm (school may finish early at around 2.30pm)

Friday December 4 - Non-NCEA students released from instruction Carol Service and Leavers' Service - 6pm St Matthew's Parish Church

Saturday 5 December - Leavers' Breakfast 8.30am SMS Dining Room (hosted by SMOGA)

Saturday December 5 - St Matthew’s Prizegiving -ALL students required - 12pm Wairarapa College (Please note change of time from 9am)

Wednesday December 9 - NCEA National Exams end; School and Boarding House(s) Officially closed

Monday December 14 - Year 13 Leavers' Ball

Dates for 2021

Thursday 28 January - Year 12/13 Course Confirmation (Rathkeale)

Sunday 31 January - Parents of New Girls Function (Mrs Gill's Residence)

Monday 1 February - School Year Begins, Prefect Commissioning

Tuesday 9-Thursday 11 February - Year 9 Camp - Riversdale

Friday 12 February - SMS Swimming Sports

Monday 22 - Thursday 25 February - Year 11 Camp (Whanganui River)

Tuesday 23 - Thursday 25 February - Year 7/8 Camp (El Rancho)

Friday 26 February - SMS Twilight Athletics (late start)

Term Dates 2021

Term One 2021

Monday 1st February – Friday 16th April

Term Two 2021

Monday 3rd May – Friday 9th July

Term Three 2021

Monday 26th July – Friday 1st October

Term Four 2021

Monday 18th October – End of Year Date TBC

School Community


SMOGA (St Matthew's Old Girls' Association) - Wine Fundraiser

Once again the SMOGA are offering a wine fundraiser in association with Paddy Borthwick Wines. For every case, $40 will be donated by Paddy Borthwick to the school. You must be 18 years or over to participate.

Please click on the link below to view the extensive range of wines offered, and complete an order form. Please send to Bridget Mathewson at bridg.andy@gmail.com.

Other Community Events


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