Okay. Home from Nosara and so so depressed. Looking back, I realize that Nosara is such an amazing town and I already miss the slow, spiritual vibe that everyone embodies there. I definitely miss our sunset view and infinity pool too....That being said, our purpose for this trip was to promote Villa Infinity and so I have a million photos of this gorgeous villa that I am excited to share with you! Definitely follow along with their instagram too @infinityvillasnosara. The coolest part is that the owner of this property has two homes for rent - this one perched on a hill in the jungle with insane views, and another downtown within walking distance to everything, including one of our favorites, Beach Dog Cafe. So I needed to do a Nosara part II in order to share photos of this villa and talk about some of the awesome activities we did in Costa Rica! Also need a place to post more of the bazillion sunset photos I took. 😍 🌅

yep that's the pool


  • Villa Infinity; obviously I'm a little biased because I spent 9 magical days in this place. BUT I mean the pictures speak for themselves. This villa is breathtaking from the second you step through the gate to overlook miles of ocean and jungle to walking through the front door, down the stairs and out to an infinity pool with palm trees in it. Oh and the upstairs master bedroom is the best sunset viewing and overall just a happy place to wake up to....just see below for yourself. It's four bedroom and the entire place is mostly glass walls so everywhere you look is amazing!!! I'm just going to let the photos do the convincing on this one. Details and booking here.
master bedroom views

the good life

how could you be anywhere else for sunset??

head down to breakfast with this view

a total oasis up here

a lounge space for reading, chilling, grilling etc.

ummm that outdoor shower tho

  • 7 Palmas; the other property built by the Villa Infinity owner. This house is also super modern with 4 bedrooms and a gorgeous pool. The best part of this house is its location. Staying up at Villa Infinity, we had to rent a car to get around. If you stay at 7 Palmas, you can definitely walk everywhere that you need to hit while you're in Nosara! More details on this property here.
  • There are so many amazing vacation rentals in Nosara listed on Surfing Nosara's website, as well as vrbo.com. You can also rent rooms at Bodhi Tree and Harmony Hotel which were two of my favorite spaces, yoga spots and juice bars, so I would highly recommend checking that out too!


BEST SHOP; Love Nosara - such gorgeous dresses and the softest tanks with cool Nosara designs on them. And the space itself is so pretty.

So besides going out to eat and having margaritas at all the places I mentioned in Nosara part I, there are so many other activities going on in Costa Rica. Obviously, if you're a surfer you'll be in the ocean the majority of the day. Or if you're a yogi, definitely hit up some yoga classes. But, if you want to try something new, Experience Nosara does a super fun kayaking, SUP tour through the jungle. They provide transportation, only about a 15 minute drive, then you can choose to kayak or stand-up paddle board through a calm, easy river where you can see birds and sometimes a crocodile. 😱 Check out our experience below!

The best part is halfway when we pull over onto a little sand bar, walk through some tall grass and come out onto a private, black sand beach. The tour guides cut open some coconuts and fresh pineapple and it was the most delish snack ever. 🍍

Another amazing activity we did was a little waterfall hike. It is a 20 minute, easy nature walk along a river until you come to a waterfall and swimming hole. The photo opps were obviously my highlight, it was sooo cool and beautiful!

One of my favorite parts of each day were the amazing sunsets. We watched them every single night from our beautiful view at Villa Infinity, except for the night we did Beach Yoga led by Erin. This was one of the highlights of my trip, and possibly the best sunset of the week. Just gonna post a bunch of sunset photos here for your viewing pleasure 🌅 😆

I seriously hope to return to Nosara next year, it is such an awesome place!!! I also hope this has given you guys some inspiration to treat yourselves to a week or more in paradise :) I love talking about places I've been so if you have any questions, reach out on Instagram (@emilymentes) or through my website emilyelisabeth.net!

created by @emilymentes. to see more of my photography, visit emilyelisabeth.net or check out @emilyelisabethphotography on instagram. s/o to @init4thelongrunblog for some photography in here also.

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