Pythagoras; a mathematician facts + signifigance


Pythagoras was born on the vast islands of Samos, in 570 BC, and died around the age of 75, in 475 bc. There, he studied with priests in temples under his influences, whom I will talk about next slide.


Pythagoras was influenced by few, such as Thales of Mileutus, one of the Seven Sages of Greece. Or Phercydes, a Greek writer and thinker. They were both successful impacting thinkers, that had inspired his own individual movement in the ways of math.

Major accomplishments

He had made the famous "Pythagorus theorum" , along with medacines, and his philosophical works. Pythagorus has also been credited with major advances with math, AND geometry!

but why pythagorus?

I chose the project to be pythagorus, because his influences and outcomes were unique. Surely Einstein had many amazing influences, or archimedes, but his goals towards getting people to this day to use the theorem, as well as his medicines helping citizens is just as important. He inspires me, yes. But also, informs me that there's so much more to math than just numbers. He saw the needs of the people around him, and through learning what his output and his technique gave the world, he was successful.

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