White-Nationalist Posters on Higher Education Campuses Across the Nation Kc mcmenamin

A startling trend is appearing on college campuses across the nation. Various White-Nationalist groups are posting fliers with with explicit content with the intent on spreading their hate towards a specific population. There have been over 100 cases of derogatory fliers being posted on college campuses in the United States since September of 2016, and nearly 60% of such cases have occurred since the Presidential Inauguration.

The three main White-Nationalist groups are the American Vanguard, Identity Evropa, and the American Renaissance. These groups are dispersing fliers with racist, anti-Semitic, and anti-Muslim messages to recruit other members and spread a hateful message. The photo in the background is a flier distributed on Texas St and the University of Massachusetts's campuses and is an example for the kind of message these hate organizations are trying to send.

How can groups get away with such hateful propaganda?

White-Nationalist groups hide behind the First Amendment and the right to free speech when spreading their message. Colleges are stuck in a sticky situation where there is little to prevent groups from posting fliers without stepping on the group's right to free speech. And most of the fliers involved are not sinister enough to be considered hate crimes or the individual putting up the fliers remains anonymous and therefore cannot be tracked by police.

This issue is not confined to one area of the nation either. There have been reports of heinous fliers being posted at colleges around the country such as Emerson, UMass, the University of Chicago, UCLA, Texas State University, Rutgers, NC State, Fordham, George Washington University, and the University of Maryland just to name a few.

College campuses are meant to be an inclusive environment, but with the drastic rise in White-Nationalist posters some individuals are being targeted by these radical groups. When students go off to college, that individual should expect to feel safe while pursuing a higher education, but many are feeling less safe with the increase of hate spreading propaganda.

In 2015 the number of active hate groups in the United States was 892, that number increased to 917 in 2016. Over the last 18 months Identity Evropa alone has targeted at least 40 college campuses with his group still gaining recruits. This problem is on the upswing and needs to be controlled before its too late.

Clemson has been targeted by some White-Nationalist groups as well. During the 2016 Fall Semester, fliers were posted around campus with similar hostile content. This issue is not something to take lightly as it also has an affect close to home.


  1. How do you think Universities should handle on campus recruiting to join hate groups?
  2. Do you think there should be laws in place to prevent hate groups in higher education areas? If so do you think its possible to get a law like that passed?
  3. Does this issue affect you personally? How so?
  4. What are some ways for Clemson to spread awareness about this issue?

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