#WoofWednesdays Chai's Adoption Success Story

Chai (formerly known as Sam) at HSTT

Chai and her brother arrived at HSTT in November from Lyon County Animal Services, a frequent transfer partner of ours. Like so many dogs that come our way, their background was hazy, to say the least. Wherever they had come from, arriving at HSTT was the beginning of a happy new chapter.

Brenda and Dan had seen Sam’s picture online. Brenda’s previous dog, who had passed three years prior, was named Sammy, and they took it as a sign. Before driving up to Truckee from South Lake Tahoe to meet her, they called HSTT to make sure she was still available. When they heard there was another potential adopter already spending time with her, they didn’t lose hope. Anxious with anticipation, they hit the road with fingers crossed. They were giddy with surprise when they arrived to find her still available.

This match was meant to be! Brenda and Dan didn't lose hope when another potential adopter was considering Chai. They hung in there until she was theirs.

The first few weeks at home would be a test, as Brenda and Dan had numerous two- and four-legged visitors coming for the holidays. Chai passed with flying colors, winning over the people and pups alike with her smarts and her charm. That set the tone for what was to come, as Brenda says,

I fall in love with her more every day

Chai was quick on the uptake with commands and tricks, and took easily to potty-training and walking on a leash; a foreign concept to her when she’d first arrived. They’ve also learned that Chai loves to eat and she’s not picky! She loves to nosh on special treats like carrots, strawberries and apples.

Chai digs for buried treasure
Chai's first walk in the snow
Snow day at Van Sickle Park

She loves to hike and visit her doggy friends at the dog park. Her favorite toy is a tennis ball, and she’s proven herself to be an all-seasons dog: on a warm day, she’ll chase a ball into the lake, and when there’s snow on the ground, she’ll opt to bury the ball in it and then dig around until she finds it again.

Dan and Brenda look forward to enjoying many more seasons of playing ball with their new love.

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