Howard Carter one man...one tomb...made history!

A man called Howard Carter was an archeologist in Egypt, who had a dream to make a discovery that would change the world forever. Little did Howard Carter know, that 16 steps and one door had changed the way citizens thought of Egypt forever!

''yes, wonderful things''

Howard Carter dug for years to find this undiscovered boy king. He hit a stone but this was a step....a step to make history. Lord Carnarvon came to Egypt in a rush. As the men stood with there hands shaking and sweat dripping, there was 16 steps. Could this be it? Howard Carter had just changed humanity...

Tutankhamun was the youngest pharaoh in Egypt, when he died he was filled was with exotic and priceless artefacts. He is now over 3000 years old, yet being one of the most important. Did you know his name is filled with many gods because his father only wanted all Egyptians to believe what he wanted to believe

Ancient Egyptian symbol for life

By Kevin and Ruby Hope You Enjoyed!


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