memories of the year. (Do not open it if you want to hang out with your friends).

Well, here you are going to find different topics that we see during this year. We present these ones in a way that your going to like...or well, at least we expect, come on, swipe the screen and go for it!!

First of all, let´s see something that for us, is te principal thing to know if you want to learn english, and we are not talking about getting a VISA, no, we are talking about the tenses. We give you here a poem so you can see what are we talking about:


Here, in the present, I run
from you and the problems.
I run south, far away, to the warmth
of new places and new people.
In the past, I did not run
from what was happening.
I stayed in familiar places
and weathered the cold.
In the future, I will be running
on a beach with laughing children.
The water is warm and clear.
The horizon is pure blue.
I will have run all way
to a future perfect
in all the ways that the past
and present can never be.

After this beautiful poem, we can see that learn the tenses is easy, basically there are three tenses, present, past and future, we are going to see every one.

It is very easy, here we are putting a link where you can find all the tenses and the structure of each one, and that is not all... in this page you can find the reason and the uses of each tense.


Now it is the time to talk about a topic we really liked and we find very usefull, the quantifiers.

We find this topic a little bit funny because we use this words a lot of times, there is a few times we don´t use a quantifier in a sentence, the problem is that some are for countable nouns and some are for uncountables. Here you can see wich ones are for countables and wich one for uncountables.

Now you can go to the next link so you can practice your ability with this words.

Well, now we want to show you an activity that we did and that we enjoyed at the moment that we were doing it. By the way, in this work you will find words that made us learn how to express ourselves in a better way, it may help you too...

P.D. What a beautiful work, isn´t it?

So far we have spoken of the active voice where we focus the action of the verb in the subject. But when we want to give more importance to the action and not to who has done it, we use the passive voice.

Subject + auxiliary verb (to be) + past participle ...

That is all to change from active to passive, let me show you some examples so you can see how it is done.

Active: Fernando play the piano. Passive: The piano is played by Fernando.

Active: Julia is using the bike. Passive: The bike is being used by Julia.

Active: Adri wrote a letter. Passive: The letter was written by Adri.

Active: Andrés will eat that pizza. Passive: That pizza will be eaten by Andrés.

Well, now it is your turn to practice (again)...Yes, we know that we are asking you a lot but trust us, we did it and we past the year...

Now, we are going to show you a topic that we made us fail sometimes but we are almos 100% that if you don´t learn this theme, you will fail the exam... oh, look, you have already read a sentene of this topic, the conditionals...

We would love to teach you how is the structure of each one, but there are not one or two, there are FOUR conditionals!!

But don´t worry, there are really easy to learn if you want, come on, click the next button so you will find all the rules and uses of each conditional...

So, now you know more things and topics that are going to help you to learn english, we put themes that we found interesting, some of them gave us problems and some were like a piece of cake... We hope that with this we will help you to pass your exam.

By the way, we have given you to read many things, so it is time to relax... Let´s learn some new vocabulary, for that we have made a little game for you, in the next picture we put phrases that we learn during the year, you have to find them in the least amount of time... GO GO GO!!

Easy?? let´s do another one...

Wow, that was really fast so we are going to give you an award.... a video that we did!!! Ok, ok, we know that you was expecting something better but maybe you will laugh of what we did, enjoy it:

Here is another one...

Well, now it is time to say some words about what we feel now that we are leaving high school, first of all, we are very grateful to be able to finish this part of our lives, we know that more challenges are coming and that in a not so distant future we will find us in hard moments, but we know too that with are going to pass through all this moments and we are going to have help for this. We know thar after all of the homeworks, activities, topics, exams, projects, games, teachers, games, laughs, moments, memories, all of this was made to be a better person, and we say thank you...

So, now it is your turn, put your schoolbag on your back, prepare your things and go for it, we hope you can see the great moments of the school..

The best group of english in the school.


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