Glamping: A How-To Guide Author: Savy Huynh

A campsite can be as glamourous as a five-star hotel simply by adding a few magic touches such as a bigger tent, a plush mattress with decorative pillows, and epicurean provisions. Check out some of my easy DIY tips to turn any ordinary campsite into your very own luxurious nature resort.


Create a warm glow around your campsite by using small or mini Christmas lights. They are inexpensive, easy to use, and provide maximum glamping-feel with minimal effort. They also don’t break as easily as bigger bulbs, so come December you can use them again. Feel free to go crazy and add even more ambiance to your camp with a variety of luminations, such as twinkle or fairy lights, battery-powered LED candles, and solar-powered path lights. For a show-stopper effect, add some vintage lantern lights. Simply hang a few lanterns from low-hanging tree branches and use one as a centerpiece on your picnic table. Your guests will appreciate the extra little touches.


No matter where you go, everyone looks forward to sinking into a cozy and welcoming bed at the end of the day. For the ultimate glamping experience, get rid of the ground pads and sleeping bags and replace them with a comfy base like an elevated cot or a massively plush sleeping mattress or an air mattress. The trick is to use several layers of blankets and top it off with voluminous pillows to achieve a glamourous look. Don’t forget to bring a rug to put down next to your bed. You will be amazed at how much of a difference that first step onto a soft rug will make you feel when you rise. Complete the whole picture with side tables, fuzzy slippers, and your favorite reading material. If you have a hammock for daytime napping sessions, don’t forget to add decorative pillows for that extra fabulous touch.


Make sure your tent is tall enough for every camper to be able to stand up fully and comfortably. Your camping experience will be much more pleasant when you don’t have to crouch and crawl around inside your tent. Another great tip is to double the size of your tent, i.e. if you’re camping with 2 people, get a 4-person tent. This will give additional space for everyone, allowing some to move about while others relax, and it will provide a grand palatial feel to the entire area.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with cooking up some hotdogs over the fire and serving them with a side of chips, but for some extra-fancy flair, opt instead for fare like smoked fish and deluxe salads that will make you feel as if you’re dining at a fine restaurant. In addition to gourmet cuisine, give yourself a break from the traditional beer-in-a-coozie and step it up with fine wine or mixed drinks in fancy glassware. Don’t forget you will need a large cooler and plenty of ice to keep refrigerated items cold, or depending on your campsite, a mini-fridge hooked up to a portable generator could really be a boon. Likewise, a multiple-burner stove or griddle-top grill will be beneficial to honing your skills as a glamping chef.

For more culinary inspiration, check out Food Network’s ultimate glamping menu.



Little things can make a big difference. Items we often overlook or take for granted, like area rugs and fresh flowers, or even just a small mirror and some artwork, can truly take your site from “camp” to “GLAMP”. I do suggest you not take anything too fragile or any items you may worry could get irreparably ruined, and I also suggest, especially during this time of COVID, creating a handwashing station with soap, clean water, towels, and hand sanitizer for convenience.

Authentic outdoor enthusiasts may not be afraid to “rough it”, but everyone deserves to be pampered and experience nature in luxurious comfort, so next time you pack up for a rustic adventure, consider adding a few of these extra touches and “glamp it up” in style!

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