Samuel Brian Swarthout Becomes a bar mitzvah

Sam became a bar mitzvah on December 16, 2017. Cantor Jalda Rebling of Ohel Hachidusch led the Shabbat Morning Service at the J├╝disches Waisenhaus Berlin.

Everyone is relaxed and we made it to the U-3! So far so good.
We arrived and Sam gets last-minute instructions. He was very relaxed and well prepared.
Cantor Jalda Rebling begins the Shabbat Morning Service in which Sam becomes a Bar Mitzvah.
Olivia made Sam's tallit and presented it to him at the beginning of the service. The tallit is a prayer shawl worn by adult members of the Jewish community. It is considered a shawl/robe of responsibility.

The fringes, or tzizit, at each corner of the tallit remind us of the Jewish commandments and our responsibility to observe them.

Cantor Jalda Rebling and Sam reading from the Torah and Siddur for Shabbat Morning. Sam read from Genesis, Chapter 41, Parashat Miketz, in which Joseph interprets Pharoah's dreams.
Cantor Jalda Rebling
The service continues with family members participating in the Torah blessings.. Brian, Andie, Donna, left photo. Olivia and Avery, right photo.
Sam reading his Torah commentary.
Sam and Cantor Rebling
The Service continues
The service continues
Sam ready to carry Torah Scroll
Finishing the Service
You are special, Sam
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Photos by Michael Staubes

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