gruner pfeil we walk forward,but we never walk backwards

what are school offers. are school offer everything from sports to great place to hang out at lunches and after school. are school also offers comfortable seating and choices for student to choose food and snacks.

what do these things do for our students. the sports and clubs can get students more active, Comfortable seating will help students learn better because the student aren't in uncomfortable plastic chairs. Choices for food at school can let student choose what they want to eat for a snack or lunch .A place to hang out at lunch and after school can encourage kids to make new friends or become more social

sports and clubs
food choices
comfortable seating

the teachers day to day responsibilities are to make sure that students understand their assignments and get their homework done. the teachers who get involved with extra curricula active have to make sure that the team knows what they're doing and if the team doesn't know it is the teachers responsibility to show them and make sure they get it. the teacher should have a good attitude towards the subject because the teacher choose that subject to teach. teachers should always should have a good attitude towards the students in less one or all the students are not listening. The principal evaluates the teacher and the principle also makes sure the teacher know what their doing.

the rules or conduct: 1. Student are not allowed to wear offensive clothing

2. Students must turn their cell phone on silent during class and if they are not on silent they will be taken away

3. Student are not to offensive language

4. Students aren't allowed to be t school under the influence of drugs or alcohol and no weapons

5. No loud music or bluetooth speakers

6. Respect school property

7. Skipping classes can end up in detention

the students have decisions in what extra curricular actives they want to do or classes they want to take, this is the low decision making. student can make decisions for the school but the student have to run it by the staff and get approval from teachers.

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