Journal Entry #2

Idea Generation:

Mood Board:


- Colours: warm, blue, yellow, pink, red. orginal coulours yellow and black? implement or no?

- Layout: standard book cover, borders, centralised?, geometry based?, imagery focused?, colour focused?

- Overall visual aesthetic: 60's fusion, modern/retro hybrid, "beauty in warmth"

- Inspirations: Lana Del Ray, Summer imagery, revival of 60's/80's aesthetics in media, Pulp Fiction, Gorillaz.


So far, I have made use of popular imagery that appeals to the target demographic of Amnesty International and the diary cover. Specifically in the use of colour and imagery that combines the peaceful and serine imagery and colours and it's fusion with the message/theme of Amnesty International as an organisation. Furthermore

Concept Development and Refinement:

Currently i have experimented with colours and my favorite results have been the colours pink and white. Specifically, light pink and beige white as they created a synergy that represents a warm and inviting theme, similar to a rose and still holds the peaceful idea of the organisation.

In terms of experimentation I have tested the use of filters and effects to add an aged look on the image. I have also tried to experiment with the addition of different imagery such as flowers and their relation with shapes to emphasis or de-emphasis the imagery. With the shapes i have tried blending in the lines to not stand out too much and to contrast completely, the lines that are blended seem to be the most optimal as it adds to the smooth texture and clean layout of the cover.

I have also tried to modify and work with the original logo of Amnesty International and have settled on a hybrid of the original.

Original logo of Amnesty International
Inspiration/to be worked image similar to the original logo

I believe the design would fit the design brief as it would appeal to young adults, especially those whom are liberal in terms of political/social alignment as it would coincide with the organisation's agenda and ideals. The lighter colours and theme of "warmth" would show a common acceptance and tranquil state to remind the buyer of what they and the organisation they have chosen to support stand for. With the imagery made to show the nature of changes in society in recent times to become more equal and grow as a collective.

Some final points to be included would be text and modification/further experimentation with the relationship between texts and images. And lastly, implementing a relevant topic such as race issues, poverty, societal inequality, etc.

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Jawad Rana

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