Different Types of Cells By rick the toothpick

Skin Cells
  • Very thin, flat and contain a lot of keratin
  • Help gases pass through, and overlapping for protection
  • Makes it strong for protection
Red Blood Cells
  • Disk-shaped, flattened and smooth
  • Move easily through small blood vessels and allows water in the blood to carry carbon dioxide to the lungs
Nerve Cells
  • Very long Cells which have branches which connect to other nerve cells
  • They rapidly conduct and pass on messages to other cells
Muscle Cells
  • Long and narrow cells
  • Smooth muscle cells are structured to produce involuntary movement, such as propelling food through your digestive system. Cardiac muscle cells keep your heart beating and have features of both skeletal and smooth muscle cells.
Sperm Cells
  • Long-tailed Cells with a pointed end
  • The male reproductive cell which that must fuse with egg cells during fertilization w
Fat Cells
  • Large, round and empty looking
  • Store fat when there is excess
  • Your body uses dietary fat to make tissue and manufacture biochemicals, such as hormones

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