Mosmondesign logos

Creating strong visual appeal is essential to attract attention. At Mosmondesign, we have had internationally acclaimed published works from America and Japan.

The following projects are from client requests, many had wanted a specific brand, publication or illustration produced. These were executed in the following methods: Print, Web, Signage, Concept Illustrations, Exhibitions, Events.

Catholic Education, ACT
Welcome to Canberra Signage/ Pay Parking, ACT
Hawker College, ACT

A range of private and government corporate identity projects

Creative Award for best creative firm: Vladimir Mosmondor, Client: A.R McLean

A range of logos produced by Vlad Mosmondor, Mosmondesign

Vlad designed the NCDC logo, it’s the winning design from a design competition, 1977
NCDC Branding TShirts, NCDC Soccer Team 1977
110,000 entrants, only 8 Australians made the final cut in the Logo Lounge volume 1 series, including Mosmondesign, from Canberra ACT, Australia.
Internationally published works by Mosmondesign and Vladimir Mosmondor.

Canberra Business Council

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