Mosmondesign logos

Catholic Education, ACT
Welcome to Canberra Signage/ Pay Parking, ACT
Hawker College, ACT

A range of private and government corporate identity projects

Creative Award for best creative firm: Vladimir Mosmondor, Client: A.R McLean

A range of logos produced by Vlad Mosmondor, Mosmondesign

Vlad designed the NCDC logo, it’s the winning design from a design competition, 1977
NCDC Branding TShirts, NCDC Soccer Team 1977
110,000 entrants, only 8 Australians made the final cut in the Logo Lounge volume 1 series, including Mosmondesign, from Canberra ACT, Australia.
Internationally published works by Mosmondesign and Vladimir Mosmondor.

Canberra Business Council

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