"In the Field" 123 eSSAY

By now, you should have a thorough understanding of the vocabulary words from this section. Using all of the vocabulary words from this section, write a summary of the chapter, "In the Field."

Your summary must be exactly 123 words.

It must summarize the chapter as a whole, not just part of it.

It must convey the meaning of the vocabulary words in the context.

Here is an example of a 123 Essay for the chapter "Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong"

Mark Fossie's girlfriend Mary Anne Bell was seduced, but not in a romantic way. When she first arrived in Vietnam, she was hardly subdued in her approach to all the men in Mark's outpost. She was full of inquiry, asking many questions when casualties were brought in for emergency medical care. Even though she enjoyed the digressions and recreational activities, she began to participate in more military transactions. The ambush of the Green Berets encompassed Mary Anne's attention, and eventually she disappeared. This caused a great deal of speculation as to to her whereabouts, and the imprecision of the report was also cause for reduction in rank for both Eddie Diamond and Mark Fossie. For these men, the possibility of achieving superlative offices was gone.

Now you will write your own 123 Essay summarizing "In the Field."

It must follow all of the criteria listed above.

It must be typed and submitted to turnitin.com by 1:00 pm on Thursday, April 13.

All vocabulary words must be highlighted.

It will be the first major grade for the 6th six weeks.


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