Eating Disorders By blake & WEsley

What is it?

An eating disorder is when you become so in love with food and weight that you find it hard to focus on other aspects in life. So, basically you just cant stop eating.


Some of the symptoms are Anorexia Nervosa. Which is when they will not eat cause they are to worried about weight loss. Another symptoms is Bullimia Nervosa. Which is when they will feel out of control when large amounts of food are put in front of you and where you throw up the food you put into your body.

Causes of this disorder

This can be caused by people by people attempting to cope with overwhelming feelings and painful emotions by controlling foods.

Treatments to this disorder

Psychotherapy is a treatment that is provided by a therapist that talks about there eating disorders and helps them realize how to stop. Another one is cognitive behavioral therapy that helps people understand the relationship between their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Wellness and nutrition counseling, it helps a patient return to normal weight.

Disorder support

For support, you can ask your friends, family, doctors therapist, and many more. Also you can contact NAMI Help line at 1-800-950-NAMI (6264) or if you have any questions about finding support and resources


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