Hannah Reynolds The life of an athlete

This picture uses leading lines that lead their way to Hannah flipping a tire. I used the great lighting from the outside instead of using the flash which captured the depth within the picture.
This picture has leading lines to the model. Also she is the main focus while she is flipping the tire.
This picture uses the rule of thirds while it's focused on Hannah. Also she is on the wall.
This is a picture next to a window, also against a wall. It's without a flash.
This picture uses the leading lines from the football field to focus on the subject. Also the rule of thirds.
This picture is without the flash, it's focused on the subject while keeping the background focused on on the field which reflects her interest.
This is a picture outside, it uses the rule of thirds. It captures Hannah looking out into the track field.
This is a picture away from a wall. It's focused on Hannah while their are leading lines in her direction.
This is a picture with natural lighting (from a window) it captures the subject in her workout. This picture is without the flash.
This is a picture with a flash it captures the color better and also focuses on the subject while having Junction City as the background.
This pictures has repetition from the bleachers and at the top of the picture it captures the gym's logo. Also the subject is on the JC sign.
This picture uses the models natural environment of the gym. It also uses the rule of third while slightly focusing on the "Junction City" sign.

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