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Our Canadian Partners

We started this store with a mission to bring more awareness to Canadian Brands and to unite the golf community. What we have discovered is that the drive and passion of Canadians to contribute to the golf community is astounding. Almost immediately we were able to partner with some of the most dedicated and hard working entrepreneurs we have ever met. We owe a lot of our continued success to these relationships.

Our Goal is to partner with many more great Canadian Golf Brands to help bring a new variety to golfers across Canada. As a primary source for Canadian golf brands we strive to make sure we represent all of these brands to the highest level.

Over 10 Canadian Partners & Growing

Our initial Partnerships

Pioneer Golf Co., PLYR Golf, Long Ball and Neuro Golf are the four partners we have been with since the beginning and we are incredibly grateful for their support. These four companies contain incredibly hard working people but more importantly Canadian Golfers. Every single one of these companies contains people who just love the game of golf and have found a passion that encompasses both golf & business.

Always Looking For New Partners.

We are constantly on the look out to partner with Canadian companies that are looking to bring more awareness to their brands. We believe that Canadian's do it best and we are always open to hearing about new products or designs that are out there. If you have a Canadian company that is associated with golf in any way and are interested in working together please get in touch!


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