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I have given guitar lessons to a broad range of ages, mostly beginner guitarists, some very good guitar players that just wanted to read music like their band mates and some people who had always wanted to play guitar but hadn’t gotten the chance. It is rewarding to me to be able to transfer that which I know and understand to someone else. Especially because I know the enjoyment that they will get while playing their guitars once they are on their way and the friendships they will have with people who enjoy making music. If you or someone you know would like to take guitar lessons in the Great Bend, Kansas area please consider the commitment and time it takes to learn a new language (music) and to learn the techniques, through practice, to play the guitar. Then, if you or that someone you know are up to the task, send me an email at, heliumhusker@gmail.com for more information on cost for lessons/books and to set up a free initial consultation.

I can consult you on various things, such as; guitar sizes to start with, acoustic or electric style choices, the choice of book to begin with and I have references from past students and parents if you would like. Also, rather than jumping into this at too young of an age or during a time where there is no time left for committing to practice, I like to meet where I give lessons and discuss the process before anything else. That way we all know what we are getting into and can see if there are any red flags that would tells us to wait for a better time to start, if at all.

I give lessons in Great Bend at 1200 Grant across the street from Eisenhower School.

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