Cuba Cruise 2017 A photo essay by Slobodan Blagojevic

In December 2017, my daughter's college organized a study cruise trip to Havana, to visit Cuban entrepreneurs. These are my photographic impressions:

Leaving Miami, the Whites and Blues ruled (click on image for a larger view)
Miami on my mind

With the Oranges but a thin line on the horizon, time for some fun on the ship:

While the East was getting pastel shades of Pink and Blue...

The West was all in deep hues of Orange and Purple, until it turned into a pitch-black.

next day, Havana and we woke up to a glorious sunny day:

Off the ship, our first impression was the quintessential Havana: old and new, dereliction and Renovation, all in one place:

Our first stop was an old convent, where, surprisingly, The Cuba Emprende Foundation is located:


Our first encounter with a line of Cuba's classic cars from the 50s was in front of the convent (more about the classic cars further down the page)

Inside the convent

From the Convent's roof, I got a glimpse into Havana's balcony life across the street:

The balcony life is everywhere:

One of the tourist streets with restaurants, barber shops and cafes:

Dereliction and Balcony Life:

Speaking of dereliction... heartbreaking:

(Click on image for a larger view)

Not all is lost... repairs are under way and result in some really nice Views:

(Click on image for a larger view)

tourist Areas are generally better Kept:

(Click on image for a larger view)

Cubans seem to have a keen sense of art and a desire to display it Publicly - it is everywhere, as murals and wall art, small and big:

A lesson in marketing: a biblical verse (Mateo 4:4) used to promote a private barber shop. The inscription reads: "No solo de pan vive el hombre" or "Man does not live by bread alone." There is always room for some manly vanity, I would add 🙂
(Click on image for a larger view)
Lying low and walking tall - a metaphor for today's cuba?

Apart from balcony life, there is a Doorway life too:

A lot of Cuban life is lived on the streets and in the doorways - a way to avoid cramped living conditions and heat inside

For me, the most surprising aspect of Cuba today: its people! - friendly, jovial, colorful:

(Click on image for a larger view)

One can not mention Cuban people without mentioning Latin flirtation 🙂 Here is a real-life example: after lunch, a waiter got up on a chair to "propose" to my daughter, shower her with compliments, and sing her a song (American song). No harm, no foul. Everybody was heartily laughing, had fun, and left the place a bit happier.

© Chase Gaiefsky

No report from Cuba can be complete without the classic cars from the 50s - shiny, colorful, beautiful:

(Click on image for a larger view)
Havana Cool

There are some other modes of transportation:

Taxi Train 🙂

"Proletarians of the world, unite!" From left to right, an American car, Cuban pedicab, Polski Fiat, Russian Lada 🙂

In the background, the beautiful dilapidated building is the Palacio de las Ursulinas, an example of Moorish architecture style, similar to Alhambra, Granada. The building is linked to Ursuline (Catholic) nuns from Louisiana, who arrived to Havana in the 19th century.

Not only cars are old in Cuba - trees are too:

Time to Leave Havana:

Havana's industrial dawn:
Fishing off the flag:
our last sight of havana: Waves crashing along the Malecón:

On our way back, we spent a day in the Bahamas, sunbathing and swimming. All I could get from lying on the beach were the seagulls above 🙂

And finally, back to Miami, arriving early in the morning:

6:30 am, Miami still glows:
Golden industrial morning at the port of Miami:
One final, sunlit view of Miami before disembarking:
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