Lincoln Middle School clubs

New school year, New Clubs!

Or sign up during lunch, on the club meeting date. Everyone is welcome!!!

We have many clubs to choose from

Lego Club: Meets Thursdays in room D-2

Pokemon & Anime Club/Friday night funkin' club: Meets Tuesdays in room E-7

Explore our Astronomy Club: Meetings will be announced soon

Objects of interest include planets, moons, stars, galaxies, comets and more.

Chess Club: Meets every other Wednesday in room J-1

Lincoln Reader's Book Club: Meets Fridays in room D-2

Always a good read.

Interested in Herpetology? This is the club for you. Meets every other Tuesday in room C-2

Reptiles, amphibians and more.

Panther Music: Meets every other Thursday in room M-9

Theater Club: Meets every Tuesday in room D-4

Wyldlife Club: Meets every Friday in room C-2

Marine Biology Club: Meets every other Tuesday in room J-3.

Learn more about marine life and organisms in the sea.

Poly Club: Meets every Friday in room C-4

Meeting Days and Locations

Last but not least ASB and AVID

Sign up for ASB and AVID during the Spring. Keep your grades up and qualify to be part of this elite class.