SoCal's Mouth Watering Recipes Spice up your cooking game with these SoCal inspired recipes.

Authentic Mexican Carnitas

A surefire way to make the neighbors jealous.

Prepare your leftovers LIKE A BOSS

A quick and easy way to turn your leftover meats into instant taqueria style fare.

Prepare your leftovers LIKE A BOSS... part 2!

Another quick and easy way to turn your leftovers into super authentic taqueria style awesomeness.

SoCal Huevos Rancheros

A breakfast game changer.

SoCal Breakfast Nachos

There is something special about dipping a crispy homemade chip into runny yolk and cremosa asada.

Vegan Carnitas Recipe

These jackfruit carnitas are nothing short of amazing. Finish with any SoCal Hot Sauce, as they are all vegan friendly!

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Crispy. Healthy. Delicious.