Number the Stars Juan

Chapter 1: Annemarie, Ellen and Kristi were racing to a street corner and were Stoped by guards. They went home and Kristi told her mom what happened and Annemarie tried making it sound like no big deal. They didn't have any sugar because of the war so the main thing the had was bread. Annemarie's mother and father gets an illegal news paper that is given to them secretly. They burned them after they were done with them.

Chapter 2: Annmarie was telling Kristi a fairytale about a king and a queen. And the princess was based off of Kristi. Annmarie's father told her a story about King Christian and how all of Denmark protected him. King Christian didn't want to fight the Germans because many Danish people would die. But Denmark were willing to die for him.

Chapter 3: Peter came to Annmarie's house and brought her and Kristi Seashells. He was gone for a long long time so they were excited to see him. Peater kept people safe and took them places to be safe. The Hirsch family was Jewish so their shop closed and so was Ellen's family. Annmarie was debateing if she would die for the Jews or not, that Denmark would be the Jews bodyguards.

Chapter 4: Annmarie's mother had bought Kristi shoes and Kristi didn't like them because they were green then Ellen told her that her dad can color them black and make them shiny. Annmarie and Ellen wanted to convince her to keep the shoes her mom got her.Because she didn't want them to look like fish shoes. The could only buy those shoes because they took away leather and the only thing the could get where those shoes. They were banning certain things from the people that the couldn't use anymore.

Chapter 5: Annmarie and Ellen heard Annmarie's mother and father go to the door and heard German guards at the door. The gaurds were searching for the Johansons (Ellen's family). The guards looked in the rooms looking for Ellen's family to see if they were hiding. The German gaurds asked why Annmarie had blond hair and Ellen had black hair. Then Annmarie's dad took photos out of the album and it had Annmarie, Kristi and Lisa Ellen pretended to be Lisa.

Chapter 6: Annmarie's mother took Ellen to her brother's Henrick's house to avoid the Germans from taking her. Annmarie's father stayed home to make it like a trip and them not trying to hide Ellen. Annmarie's father wanted to go to make sure they were safe but if he went they wouldn't look for them. Annmarie's mother and father agreed to take Ellen to keep her safe. They wanted Ellen to see her family again.

Chapter 7: Annmarie went with Ellen to the edge of the sea. Ellen never been to the sea because her mom is afried of the sea. She thought it was to big. Annmarie hide Ellen's neacklass two keep her safe from the Germans if they came and Che acted the house. Annmarie's mother didn't want her to talk to anyone to keep Ellen safe.

Chapter 8: Annmarie's mother cleaned up her brother's Henrik's house and Annmarie and Ellen got dried flowers from the meadow. Annmarie heard Henrik say "Tomorrow will be a day for fishing." Annmarie knew it was a code for something but she didn't know what it was. Because Henrik always goes fishing. Henrik told Annmarie that her Great-aunt Birte died but Annmarie knew all her relatives and she never heard of the name Birte.

Chapter 9: Annmarie figured out that there was no great aunt Birte. Henrik told her the truth and she realized that she was braver when she didn't know what was happening. Like when she got stoped by the guards she didn't know they were taking Jews. People brought the casket and put it in the living room, then people started coming and were silent. Then Peter Nielsen came and Henrik took Ellen outside and she stated crying quietly because Peter brought her parents back.

Chapter 10: Henrik left the house and then the Germans came and wondered why there were so many people there at the house and they came in and watched everyone. They saw all the lights and went to go investigate it. Then one Asked Annmarie who died and she was afried and said "my Great-aunt Birte." He was going to open the casket but Annmarie's mom said she had a sickness that could harm others so he didn't open it. He didn't want to get sick and left with the other soldiers.

Chapter 11: In the casket was jackets for the people to keep them warm. Peter handed everyone a jacket and a baby wore Kristi's red jacket because there was nothing for the baby. Peter gave something to Mr.Rosen to deliver to Henrik. Annmarie wanted to ask what was in it but she remembered she would be braver if she didn't know what it was. Then Peter took a group of people to Henrik but the didn't want to get caught so they didn't take everyone.

Chapter 12: Peter took the group to Henrik so they can go somewhere safe. Annmarie's mother went to the woods waiting for her mother. She thought about her dad and how he feels. The couldn't bring lights into the woods or the soldiers would find them. Peter and Annmarie's mom knew the way really well. Annmarie was looking out her window waiting for her mom to come back, then she saw a shadow moving and she knew it was her mom.

Chapter 13: Annmarie found her mother and they tried to go with Henrik and Peater because they found a bag that Mr.Rosen dropped when he fell down the stairs. Annmarie's mother told her to get food and put the bag at the bottom. So if anyone stoped her they will see the food and not know what's inside the basket. She grabbed an apple, cheese, and bread. Then she left to go find Henrik.

Chapter 14: Annmarie was going into the forest and it was getting darker. She remembered the story she told Kristi of little red ridding hood, and how she carried a basket of food the her grandma. She saw a turn that would take her into the road where people could see her and possibly soldiers and they would stop her and ask her questions. She kept going into the forest and heard the fisherman and there boats. Then she heard a low growl and saw soldiers with two dogs.

Chapter 15: Annmarie was stoped by the soldiers and they investigated her basket she had. She put bread, cheese, and an apple in the basket so they won't check the little bag. They found the bag and one off the soldiers ripped it and found a hanker chief and the just left it. The dogs smelled meat and the left because they didn't find anything in the bag. When Annmarie went to Henrik he was relieved that they didn't find what was sent to him.

Chapter 16: The hanker chief that Annmarie brought to Henrik messed with the dogs sent. Soldiers would check the boats because Jews were escaping and the check the boats. If Annmarie didn't give it to Henrik on time Annmarie's friends would be caught. When the dogs smelled the hanker chief their smell got messed up and they didn't smell the meat anymore. The would have a secret place where the people would hide and the dogs could smell through the boat, and they put fish and they could still smell through that.

Chapter 17: The war ended two years later and the watch and heard church bells and saw Denmark flags. Peter was shot because they found him helping with the Jews. Lise was helping Peter with the Jews they tried to escape so they went separate ways and Lise got hit by a car. Peter wanted to be baired by Lise but they Germans would put them where they died and have a number on there grave. Annmarie kept Ellen's necklace with the Star of David until Ellen came back.


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